A few Important Tips for making your Magento store user-friendly

What does a good online store consists of? There are different products divided in categories, friendly store navigation and relevant store search, right? This seems so simple but still many Magento store owners neglect these things.


I’ll stop on each of these store components and give some tips.


This point is more about product pages than products themselves. The pages should contain the following info:

  • images with high resolutionA few Important Tips for making your Magento store user-friendly;
  • detailed product description;
  • price;
  • information about colors, sizes;
  • shipping and delivery info
  • Reviews/ testimonials.

Usually a buyer decision greatly depends on the amount of information you provide him with. The more details you give, the more likely he chooses your store.

Categories & Navigation

All products should be combined into categories according to particular characteristics. This makes site navigation smoother and lets customers find the necessary products faster.

It’s useful to have different sorting options on category pages, especially if you have many products in your stock. Magento provides some basic sorting types out of the box but they can be extended either with special extensions or programmatically.

Site Search

Many shop owners overlook site search and loseA few Important Tips for making your Magento store user-friendly many orders as a result. If you’ve set up search tracking in your Magento store, you can see what people are looking for when they visit your shop. Try to put yourself in their shoes and see the results of their searches on your site. This will give you some understanding of site search importance.

Default Magento search looks for products by all attributes at once which makes the results not relevant in most cases. It can be very frustrating. So a good solution here is to set search order for products attributes. And it would be cool to add an autocomplete feature to your site search as it makes the way to the searched product shorter.

Though all the listed things may seem obvious, they aren’t in reality. Check 10 random online stores and say how many of them care about user-friendliness as they should?

Make your store user-friendly and your customers will be grateful to you, they will be ready to spend their money in your shop but not at your competitors’!

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  1. Hello Siddharth,
    Excellent article! Thanks for sharing this unique and effective tips for Magento store. It really helps to make online eCommerce store an interactive Magento shop for the visitors, which can deliver better user experience. Good job!

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