Tips to Get More Likes and Comments on Facebook

Tips to Get More Likes and Comments on Facebook
Facebook is One of the most Popular social networking site around the globe . Lot of Friends always be active here because this is very easy is use and also helpful too . here a user can post , upload photo , write a note , etc and many things .

But some times User may be Disappointed when No one liked his status , when he don’t get any comment on his status .  This shows bad engagement with his friends or fans , and you think your self a lonely person on internet . Today I am Going to share How you can Improve your social engagement to get more likes or comment on your facebook updates.

Tips to get More Likes and Comments on Facebook Updates :-

how to get facebook likes and comments

1. Post Photos

Did you know “A picture says thousands words “.  A photo always be get more likes then a text or link update.  SO, I will suggest you try to post always photo to engage with new and old like of fans/friends .

2. Always Post in Morning or Evening

Actually study of some facebook experts they seen Mostly Facebook user check their facebook Account and wall in Morning time and Evening time . Did you know why ? because facebook has been taken a part in life of human being . he like to check his notification some new updates before going to his work office or school or college , etc . then he come in evening and after the little rest he check again his Facebook Notifications, etc . so, due to study of experts he says always update your wall in Morning or Evening .

3. Don’t forgot to Comment on Other People statuses

Now making new friends and engagement with more friends is very trendy on facebook. So, if you will drop your comment on other’s status then they will notice you and when he will open your profile and will see your wall also and hope they will like your updates too.

4. Demand Like from Friends

Yes, this another way to increase more likes on your facebook wall update . as I saw upload photos then first of all upload a photo then you can ask for your friends to like that update. Then next time he will like automatic without say anything  .

5. Always Post Useful Content

Did you know why I am saying this sentence ? because  after the getting some fame on facebook some people stat posting nonsense status like “I am going to Attend a Party “ etc . so, this is nonsense please don’t think that you will get more likes on this status and many be some people will not like on your future posts . so, I am suggesting you try to post something attractive post

Here are the 5 simple ways you can use to get more likes and comment on your facebook wall updates . May be some friends will unfriend you if you overdo thse methods so, always do all work in limit and properly .
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