6 Great tips to have an effective business meeting

6 Great tips to have an effective business meeting

When you are running a business meeting, it’s important to make it effective and interesting. Read our hints and become a successful businessman!

6 Great tips to have an effective business meeting

Turn your business meetings from boring to fun easily!

If you are connected to the business, then, of course, you know how interrupting these meetings can be. People just sit and make their work, and when the time comes, they take laptops and papers, go to the meeting room, and spend an hour or even more discussing various things. We used to call it a business meeting, but unfortunately, for most workers, it’s a waste of precious time. Usually, such meetings are unproductive and time-wasting, but it is still possible to fix this.

In this article, you will find useful tips on making your meetings with business partners and colleagues more effective and interesting. It may seem to you there is no way to change this traditional and even boring procedure, but you should go ahead and read more. We assure you that it’s possible to change this and make your business more effective and strong!

6 Wonderful hints to improve your business meetings

Here are several tips that will significantly improve your meetings at work:

Choose another name for this procedure.

This means you should stop using the word “meeting”. There are a lot of other words to use, and you are free to choose anything, even to invent your own definition. You may wonder why it’s so important, so we are ready to explain. The thing is usual meetings already stuck in people head like something boring and unproductive. So, when a person hears a phrase “We are going to set a business meeting next Friday at 10 a.m.”, it transforms in her or his brain to a sentence “We will waste another hour next Friday on a boring meeting”. As you can see, people already program themselves for something unproductive and ineffective. Start with small things and just invent a new word for a business meeting in your company.

Don’t organize your meetings in the conference room

6 Great tips to have an effective business meeting

This is the second reason why business meetings become boring. Just because people take it like a daily routine they have to do. You can use your imagination and break this stereotype! Think out of the box and take people to the nearby cafe, around some worker’s desk, or even on the bench near the building of the company. If you have got a meeting with less than four people, you can run such meeting in the car. This helps to make people feel more inspired and less stressed, in addition, it’s a great way to distract from a working atmosphere of the office and jump into something interesting. A standard meeting reminds a lesson in the school when everyone tries to look concentrated, sitting at the table with papers and trying not to fall asleep. Take your people to the coffee shop or make a meeting in the nearby park, and you will see how this change the entire process!

Bring a ball to the meeting

This is a great tip if people at your meeting are used to distract with their phones, papers, etc. Any meeting will be ineffective if people just listen to it formally, surfing the Internet on smartphones or texting to their friends instead of being involved. Try to bring a ball to your meeting: this should be something not too big, for example, a soft tennis ball. People have to throw the ball to each other during the meeting. This is not about taking a permission to talk as you might think, but it’s just something that keeps people busy with minimal energy from their brains. When a person checks the news on Facebook instead of participating in the discussion, it becomes very distracting, and such person won’t remember a lot after the meeting. But when people throw a ball, they are not distracted so much, this just keeps them busy but also involved in the meeting.

Remove chairs

6 Great tips to have an effective business meeting 

Keep all people at the meeting standing, but not sitting on office chairs. This helps to change the atmosphere, plus, even to refresh their minds. We used to sit at the office for hours, and needless to say, our bodies get tired from this. The meeting will give to all people a time for rest and help them to distract from the office work. This is a great idea to refresh your mind and stimulate new ideas and decisions. An office chair associates with hard work, concentration, and discipline. You definitely don’t need such things on your meetings to make them effective.

Make your meetings shorter.

In some companies, people are used making long meetings for an hour or more where people get bored. There is no need to make business meetings long! Just try to make them short, and you will see how it changes the entire process. When people are concentrated on the subject, they can discuss things faster, but when you plan a long meeting, they just get tired and distract from the process. Of course, you should plan your time, and if you have too many questions to discuss, it’s better to make two short “stand-up” meetings during the day with a ball instead of sitting on chairs for an hour or more, trying to keep people involved.

Be punctual

6 Great tips to have an effective business meeting

It’s a simple rule that will help you to make meetings effective and short. Nothing can be so annoying than waiting for someone to show up at the meeting, that’s why make sure you start and end your meetings on time. Don’t forget to inform people beforehand about the upcoming business meeting.

As you can see, it’s possible to make your meetings more effective with simple ideas. We are sure these tips won’t take a lot of your time to follow, but we guarantee they will take your business to a new level easily!

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