TinyRanker Review – Analyze the SERP Rankings on Any Site on Different Keywords

TinyRanker Review – Analyze the SERP Rankings on Any Site on Different Keywords

If you are an SEO expert trying to find a tool that keeps a track of all the stats for your site and lets you know detailed insights about your site, Tiny Ranker is supposedly the best tool one can get. Tiny Ranker is user-friendly and provides you ample amount of features to get things done. It will let you see the informational stats of your site through which you can make significant changes that will improve your SEO. This Tiny Ranker review shall help you in knowing about the software and also how beneficial it can be for people who are trying to improve the SEO of their site.

What is Tiny Ranker?


The market is full of SEO tools that show you inaccurate data and thus mislead you into believing something which is not true. The Tiny Ranker tool is quite famous for its accuracy and features that help you see site stats from a fresh new perspective. Many types of operations such as website analysis, competitor analysis, and on-page SEO analysis can be done just through a single tool that is the Tiny Ranker tool. As of present, the company has more than 3000 happy customers to which it caters its services.

Features of Tiny Ranker Tool

You will be spoilt for features when it comes to the Tiny Ranker Tool. Following are some exceptional features of the tool that you can know in theTiny Ranker review.

  • The tool is widely regarded as the easiest to use SEO tool on the internet.
  • The dashboard is built in a way that lets you have a quick glance over your site stats at any given time.
  • To analyze the site performance, you can get a glimpse of it in quick time.
  • All the performance reports can be mailed to you at your email address.
  • With just a single plan, you can check and improve SEO of unlimited sites.
  • Since there are various keywords for a single site, you can simply check all the keywords through Tiny Ranker.

Very few SEO tools provide all these features under a single roof and Tiny Ranker does it with utmost perfection. You will never use any other software once you start using it. Every SEO tool you would ever need can be found in Tiny Ranker’s interface.

Starting up with Tiny Ranker

This Tiny Ranker review will help you know more about the tool and also the most used methods that can be implemented to use this tool without any additional help.

Add Site


The first thing that you need to do is add the website for which you want to check the SERP position. You also need to select the country to which the site belongs to and after doing so, press the ‘ADD’ button.

You can see the below options after you have entered the site related details and pressed the ‘ADD’ button.

We know how important keywords are for SEO and adding them is the first thing that you need to do. You will be redirected to a new page where you have to enter the keywords in a list manner. Enter a new keyword on a separate line.

After you go through this process, you will be shown the rankings, on page details, fluctuations and search volumes of the keywords that you had added. All these information is highly useful while you are trying to enhance the SEO of your site. In case if the keywords are listed as ‘new’, the tool has not yet completed checking for the keyword rankings and will probably update once it’s done. You can also check the on-page SEO of the site using this tool.

Google Analytics


Google Analytics is the best tool for analyzing the stats of your site. You would be happy to know that you can integrate it directly with Tiny Ranker and see all the data collectively through a single dashboard. To start using both the tools together, you need to click on the ‘Grant Access’ button and then login through your Google account. You will also need to provide all the permissions required by the tool for integration. The process is quite easy and you can get it done within seconds.

Analyzing the Competitors


SEO is a lot about knowing what your competitors are doing and which keywords they are using. With the help of Tiny Ranker, you can know which keywords have more competition. Once you know this data, you can then make good decisions on which keywords you want to use for your site and how well the competitors are ranking on them.


Tiny Ranker helps in generating insightful reports that will help you in improving your SEO practices. In case you forget to view it, the tool can also mail you the reports straight to your email id. The report has data in tabular and graphical form which makes it easier for you to understand what they collectively mean. These reports have details of Website rank, SERP rank, SERP tracking, keyword position, rank tracker and hordes of other informational data.



The plans and pricing of Tiny Ranker tool is quite flexible and it has four different plans. All the four plans have some basic features such as the accessibility to mobile rankings, competitor analysis, daily updates, unlimited user access and many more features. The plans start from around $19 per month and you also get 100 keywords credit with the plan. The top plan comes at $119 per month but has hordes of other features with it.

If you are still unsure of whether to buy the Tiny Ranker tool or not, you can simply avail the 30-days free trial to get started with it. You will definitely love the tool and cannot do without it once you become habitual to it. Moreover, even after the 30 days trial period expires and you purchase the tool but you are not satisfied with it, you can simply get a refund of all your money within 14 days of your purchase.

Final Say

You will not find any other tool that is comparable to Tiny Ranker when it comes to SEO analysis. The numbers of features that it boasts are simply astonishing and they are extremely useful while planning on implementing the SEO of your site. Most of the Tiny Ranker reviews that are shared by the users are highly positive and insightful. So, to advance the SEO of your site, give Tiny Ranker a try and you would not regret it.


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