Three Ways to Make Money with MetaCafe

Are you a Video Creator?

Wanna earn income from Videos? If yes, then, read this Full Post which outlines 3 different ways to Make Money with Metacafe. Below is a step by step description.

What is Metacafe?

Metacafe is one of the Most Popular Video Uploading Sites After YouTube. It is Quite Similar to YouTube as Users can create Free Account and Upload Videos Related to Various Topics. But One thing Metacafe has that they Don’t Place Hard Copyright Policy about Videos so Users can Upload Many Copyrighted Videos on Metacafe.

Metacafe also not has Good Design Like YouTube But they have Good Video Player that Plays Videos Quite Fast. Now Question Arrives How we can Make money with Metacafe?

How to Make Money with Metacafe?

There are Three ways to Earn Income with Metacafe, which we described Below:-

1. Uploading Videos

Metacafe Users can Make money by Uploading Best Videos that Becomes Popular on Metacafe.
Metacafe has Reward Option for their Users that they Pay $5 for Every 1000 Views After a Video Get 20,000 Views. This Means Video have to have 20,000 Views to Start Earning $5 every 1000 Views.
Now , We Would think About which Type of Videos Get Popular on Metacafe. There are Several Topics that Get Lots of Views on Metacafe Like Funny Videos , Hot Videos , Teaching Videos , etc.
Users can Upload these Videos to Start Earning money after getting enough Popularity. In the Beginning it could be a Difficult one, but after getting Good Base of Views on your Channel it could become literally easier than Before. So try Hard in the Beginning to Get Some Views.

2. Metacafe Affiliate System

Metacafe has Different Affiliate system. They don’t Pay Anything in their affiliate system Instead, they allow Webmasters to Embed their Videos on Websites and allow them to Place Advertisements around videos. This way Webmaster can Earn Good Money through Advertisements as Videos Will Generate Good Traffic to your Website if it Meets to your Niche.

Always Choose Best Suitable Videos to your Website. Suppose you Have A Website on Make money Online then there are Bunch of Videos Available on Metacafe about this Topic which you can embed on your Website and can show Similar ads from various Ad Networks Like Adsense , Chitika , Adversal or any other ad network.

3. Using Other Affiliate Systems

Users can Also use Other Affiliate systems to Make Some income with Metacafe Videos.
Users can Choose a Product from Affiliate Network that they wanna Sell and then Create a Best Review Video for that Product. After creating Video they can Upload that Video on Metacafe with Affiliate Link in Description of the Video so users can Purchase specific Video through that Affiliate Link.

Always Tell Users that there is Link of that Product in the description in the Video. Provide a Message in the End of Video that there is Link of this Product Present in the description of Video.

So these are 3 Three ways to Make money with Metacafe. I hope you Liked it.

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  1. Hi Atinder. Really a great post to make money online with metacafe. I really liked the second method – metacafe affiliate system. It is always difficult to make our own video with high quality. But adding metacafe affiliate videos on our site help to get more traffic and money. There is nothing for us to lose only to gain.

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