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Social media is a great platform for bloggers and for all other online businesses. It helps build a big brand in a very short span of time, if used in a right by preparing right plan and by using perfect tools.

But, there are many bloggers, online businesses who still lacking behind, and the main reason behind their failure is, the lack of knowledge about the tools they can use for social media management. I have seen many failing to execute their social media strategy due to this reason.

but, it will not happen anymore, because today I am introducing, ThoughtBuzz, A social media management tool and analytics platform. ThoughtBuzz is founded by Anshul Jain, who love to provide better user experience, especially to mobile users. He just built a feature rich tool, which is the best option for every online business who is looking build a brand online.

ThoughtBuzz Review :- Special Features



#1  Mobile first Platform

It is Asia’s 1st Mobile First Platform where you can manage your social profiles using your smartphones. It just takes a few minutes to open their website on mobile, navigate to find signup button and signup using any one of your social profiles. After Logging in, you can add all your social profiles, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc..

After adding profiles, you can easily share feeds, posts, Retweet, with some simple clicks. You can even Schedule your posts on different social platforms to manage your timings. It will help you get followers from different part of the world, because you are sharing content during their online timings.

#2 Best Analytics for social pages, profiles including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

You will never found any other analytics platform for social media which gives you on the spot statistics about your growth better than ThoughtBuzz. It is the best tool, I have ever seen.

You can check your growth of all your social profiles including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and especially Instagram which is becoming new love of online social users. So, what you are waiting for, start using this tool and help yourself build an awesome brand.

#3 Scan your Competitor Social media growth and plan accordingly

When you think about getting success on social network, the first thing comes in your mind is, How you can scan your competitors growth, because it helps you prepare a better plan and plan with more success rate.

And ThoughtBuzz will help you in doing so, by providing you an option to check growth of any social page or profile. You just need to provide the link of your competitors Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or Instagram page and then, you can easily track their growth without having admin access. Isn’t it cool? Yeah, it is.

#4 Mind Blowing Pricing: Every single person working online can afford

They offer three packages: Free, Premium and Enterprise. If you are looking to test this tool, then you can go for Free package, which will surely amaze you with the features which you will not get with any other similar tool for free.

But if you are seriously looking to grow on social media, then premium and Enterprise are the two packages, you should go with, because will allow you to plan your strategy perfectly. Premium and Enterprise Packages will just cost you $5 & $125 Per month.

Personally, I love Enterprise package, and I will surely suggest you to choose it, but in case, you just started your online business and you don’t have money to spend, they you must go for Premium One which will only cost you $5 per month which is nothing when you talk about features they will offer.

Thoughtbuzz Pricing packages

So, what you are waiting for? Sign for ThoughtBuzz and Enjoy your social media journey.

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