Today, more and more restaurant business owners realize that the website of a cafe should be a perfect reflection of the quality of its services. A poorly designed or empty site will not allow potential customers to feel that this place is worth visiting. Just think about it: How many times have you googled a cafe to find a good place to eat, and you were shocked by either the site design, or by stupid visual effects, or by the lack of necessary information, or by the slow loading speed?

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  • Create a tasty design

10 Things that will make your ordinary cafe website outstanding

Cafe website design should be aligned with the café’s theme and echo the style of the interior of the place. Consider that the site is a small embodiment of your cafe on the Web!

Photographs of dishes or cozy pictures of the interior can be used as the main background. The beautiful, delicious and high-quality imagery always becomes an excellent motivator for people to visiting your cafe.

Consider using a video as the main background: the food preparation and presentation, a video fragment of the event (with happy customers’ faces) – things like that are an outstanding option for the background of your main page. Keep in mind that these clips shouldn’t slow down the page load speed.

In general, the design of the design should be unique, create positive emotions and impress the visitors. You have to make your potential clients feel like they are already there, in your cafe!

  • Make an intuitive navigation


The cafe site should have a simple, but logical and thoughtful, and therefore clear structure, so that visitors can intuitively find any information of interest, look through the menu and make an order.

The good structure brings one more important benefit: the search algorithm will be able to quickly scan the pages and index your website.

The main website menu should be divided into the categories: this will help visitors to quickly orient on the pages of the site and find the things they need.

  • Get a flawless main page

Typically, the main page of the site should answer three main questions:

  • give the general information about your restaurant;
  • give the general information about the dishes that he can order;
  • give a list the of benefits – why the customer should visit the place.

This means that a small text about the restaurant should be placed on the main page, which will be useful both for customers and for search engine optimization of the site. Here, you should place a link to the menu and banner ads for promotions. It is also reasonable to place the link to various news and announcements (this is also useful for both customers and for optimization).

On the main page, it is appropriate to place information about the average eater check, as well as information (with photos) about the interior of the place. Contact information should be placed in the header (and in the footer) of the main page, other materials can be hidden on the internal pages of the site.

The USP of your cafe is another important thing that should be reflected on the main page. With its help, you can not only clearly and concisely tell about the competitive advantages of your place, but also cause impress the visitor.

For your inspiration: 20 of the Best Homepage Examples (2019)

Usually, the footer highlights the information that can be found on the other places of the website. For example, it is a good practice to place here the following info:

  • copyright Information;
  • awards and certificates;
  • information about the partners;
  • contact information;
  • social networks buttons;
  • feedback and other lead forms ;
  • website search bar;
  • website map.

Here you can also place an additional menu of the site, and an interesting call-to-action, a subscription form, a login form, a link to the latest blog updates.

As for the design, the footer should:

  • be visually separated from the other content;
  • comply with the style of the site;
  • have a clear content structure and hierarchy;
  • have readable fonts;
  • have sufficient empty space.

To create the footer, that will effectively draw the visitor’s attention you can use brighter tones or even thematic images. The animation looks just great in the footer, drawing attention to important information.

Oh, and do not forget to create the “up to top” button in the footer!

Read More About:  Footer Website Design.

  • Share delicious photos of dishes with the visitors

People visit restaurants to try the tasty food… But they eat with their eyes first, so fill your website with some delicious photos of foods!

Real photos are the perfect way to showcase your dishes but don’t forget about the quality of the images. Hire a professional photographer to take stylish photos and make all of them in the same style (one filter and one color).

Pictures should immediately attract visitors. Test your photos, showing them to your friends!

Almost all restaurateurs know that a good part of success depends on the overall interior of the place. But it is important to permanently analyze the photos you publish.

For example, it is better to shoot the café hall, when there are many customers in it, having a good time. Of course, some people may think that it is more convenient for a photographer to work in an empty hall: in this case, the tables can be shown from all sides, and the bar counter may look better… But the psychologists claim that people get much more impressed if they see the photos with happy clients.

  • Showcase your menu

Your café’s menu should be easily accessible so that the user can return to the choice of dishes or a certain category at any time. And always remember to update the menu positions! You can also publish seasonal offers, add a separate menu for vegetarians, etc.

Arrange the online menu of your café correctly:

  • offer the dish designer option;
  • be sure to add pictures to the menu;
  • add discount and promotion info;
  • customize the sliders;
  • do not forget about the quick search bar in a visible place;
  • create the animation of dishes if possible.

The menu should be well-structured: it will be much more convenient if your visitors will be able to quickly find the position of the menu they want. If you have an order option, you can customize the menu so that the customers can immediately mark the dishes they like, while viewing it!

  • Use Social Networks buttons and widgets

The site has to have the following social networks widgets – usually, they are located in the footer:

  • social network buttons (links to the page or café’s group);
  • “Share” buttons;
  • the option to register on the site and log in to the client’s personal account from the social networks accounts.

Why do you need social networks buttons on your website:

  • they make your visitors more loyal to your website;
  • they help to promote your site in search engines and social networks more efficiently;
  • they help to make the process for adding press releases easier;
  • social network buttons with click counters can have a positive effect on the visitor’s impression of the site since they indicate the level of visitors’ confidence in the site.
  • Highlight contacts and address

If the person hasn’t visited your cafe, but have enjoyed the delivery service and he wants to experience the atmosphere of your café, he just needs to know where to go!

Be sure to include the address and contact phone number on the main page of the site (the upper right corner is the perfect place for that). Add the Google Maps widget in the “Contacts” section, with the café marked on the map of your city.

  • Present your online ordering and delivery options

This is an additional service that you can offer to your customers; buy the way, it is another reason why most people visit the café and restaurants websites.

In the delivery section, you should specify the following:

  • minimum order value;
  • cost of delivery and places of delivery (if you are not delivering food to all areas of the city or you have different delivery costs depending on the area);
  • a link to the menu where the user can make an order, or the phone number for ordering by phone;
  • clearly indicate the payment methods. For example, is it possible to pay with a card or you accept cash only, or is it possible to pay for the order online?
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