The plot of the story is completely Indian and yet it has a class that matches the top fantasy novels from across the world. Reshma needs to be applauded for the fact that she has managed to weave every single thread of the plot in the most interesting manner.

Page Count: 420 pages

Publisher: Two Ravens Publishing

Author : Reshma K. Barshikar

Publication Date: November 13th, 2018

The Hidden Children began as a straightforward book with fun little characters in their secondary school life managing all the secondary school show yet then the plot proceeded to thicken and thicken such a great amount of that after a point the book was miles from what it had begun as. The book has various layers to it included with characters that have their own quality and sub plots. You can’t pick the book viewing it as a straightforward and brisk read on the grounds that the complexities woven into the plot will keep you snared to the book for an extremely lengthy timespan.

This is an story of Shui AKA Shayamukthy, who resembles some other young person. Living in her dreamland and has an ideal family and set of companions.

Something I cherished about the book is that it is exceptionally indian in its plot . What’s more, not the sort of indian , you, as a rule, find in the book, attempting to be a partner to the global dream books. The indian perspectives and components really appeared well and good and even molded the plot better. I cherished the entire indianess of the book. Most likely the best thing about the book for me.

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