Did you know that loans are the biggest problem for American students?

Did you know that student loans in America are higher in number than anywhere else in the world?

Representational image via savethestudent.org

Representational image via savethestudent.org

If not, don’t worry, this post is a great way to know how to tackle these student loans. Every American student borrows $29,000 in annual loans from different loan services in the United States, and upon the completion of the degree, every student is required to pay off these loans taken at different times of study, because during every academic year, student loans are needed to cover their educational expenses.

There’s a great difference between the refinancing and consolidation of loans because the first means to combine all loans into one loan by revising the interest rate, while the latter means to reassess the financial status of the borrower and borrow more money with a changed interest rate from a loan services company.

Here are a few ways to get rid of student debt loans:

#1 Federal Loans Consolidation Program

image via fumcbb.org

image via fumcbb.org

This program could be a great way to consolidate loans, because it gives you the opportunity to merge all your loans into a single loan without any increase in the interest rate. You should qualify for this program because it involves lots of conditions and eligibility criteria which are geared towards students. According to Forbes, students should avoid scams by consulting only the Federal Direct Loan Consolidation program. It is one of the best ways to pay off loans, but not all students may find this program suitable.

#2 Private Consolidation Programs

Representational image via writeousdude.com

Representational image via writeousdude.com

This might be the best program for consolidating both federal and private loans because it not only gives you the facility to revisit interest rates, but also increases the time span of paying off the loans. There are several debt consolidation loans companies which provide their services to students, but they offer different packages with variations in service charges. You should find the program which best suits you and offers services with low fees. There are more than twelve private loan lenders in the market, but you should explore the whole market to find the best lender for you because all of them have different under-writings. They’ll refine and consolidate your loans according to your requirements and needs. According to Huffington Post, private loan consolidation programs might save your income by gradually reducing your interest rate over a time span, and they could also help you get enough money to preserve your pocket money.


If you want to save your income and reduce the interest rate, then private loan consolidation programs might suit you. The main thing is to find the most suitable program with minimum fees because being a student; you need lots of money to cover your educational expenses along with enjoying a luxury lifestyle. This is only possible when you ‘have some money in your pocket’. You should try hard to waive off all of your loans. It’s over to you now!!

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