The Difference Between Android and Windows Phone

Android and windows phone are two different kinds of operating systems that have different features and  technology. Technology is growing very fast. Both operating systems are competing with each other. They keep on improving their phones with advanced features. When it comes to purchasing one, it becomes very difficult to chose one from them.
Both the operating systems have weakness and strengths. It comes in everybody’s mind that which operating system is best. Today, I am going to tell what is the difference between Android and Windows phones so that you can decide what you should go for.

The Difference Between Android and Windows Phone

1. Operating system

Android is an open source platform as its operating system can be modified by manufacturers according  to their needs. While Windows phones are closed source platform because their owner is Microsoft and  its management right is only to Microsoft. So, the manufacturers do not have access to the programming code of this operating system.

2. Apps

Android phones and tablets beat windows phones in terms of number of apps available for  the users. Android phones have about one million apps and Google play. Most apps are free to download. People who want to explore different types of apps can go for buying android phones instead of windows.
Windows phones have only about 160,000 apps. They are making efforts to increase the number of apps in the market but can’t beat android phones in case of a number of apps.

3. Security ( protection from malware and viruses)

Windows phones are better than Androids in terms of security as windows phones will not let users to download any unknown app from third party (or unknown sources). You can only download from app store of them.
While in Androids, you can download any app from anywhere. It’s completely depend on user’s choice that they install apps outside of the Google play or not as downloading anything from unknown sources can lead to carrying of viruses and malware which make damage to the phone and date stored in it.

4. Availability and options of handsets

Android phones wins over windows phones in terms of  option of handsets available in the market. When you go to buy android phone in the market, you will get many options like Samsung, LG, Spice, Motorola etc..These phones are offered by multiple device manufacturers.
When it comes to buy windows phones, only a few options are available in the market and few manufactures make window phones like Nokia and HTC. They don’t have plenty of options like android.

5. User interface

Both  have touch screen interactions. Android interface can be customized according to the users need. Android phones have multiple home screens that can be customized with short cuts and widgets.
Windows phones have a single home screen with live tiles that operates in the same way as widgets in the android phones. Live tiles in Windows phones let users find everything so quickly and all the apps are arranged according to the alphabetical order on the app screen and searching them is very easy. So, Android operating system is more complicated than windows. But both are good.So, that’s it. Don’t forget to share this post “Difference Between Android and Windows Phone” on social networks.Stay Tuned for More Android Tutorials.
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