Textpattern -vs- WordPress : Blogging Softwares

What is Textpattern and WordPress ?

Both Textpattern and WordPress are free Blogging software’s that are used very widely.

WordPress since its Arrival in 2003 has been Serving a lot of Customers. It has Powerful CMS (Content Management System) and Premium Frameworks which help users in making professional Blogs.
WordPress also provides tons of Plugins and Widgets for users to make them Feel that they are at Best Place for Blogging.

Textpattern is also a very Popular Open Source Blogging Software that Let user Create  Powerful Websites with Great Content Management System Written in PHP With MYSQL Database.

Now , it is very Often I have seen many People getting confused while selecting one blogging platform from WordPress and Textpattern. So We Make their Life little Easier with this Comparison on the Basis of Various Features they have.

Comparison : Textpattern -vs- WordPress

#1 CMS System

Both WordPress and Textpattern have Good Content Management Systems so users can Create Powerful websites with Both of them.

#2 Plugins

WordPress is way ahead from Textpattern when it comes to Plugins. WordPress has Plugins Above thirty Thousand but Textpattern has just over a thousand. So WordPress is better Software when we count Plugins, Because these are the things that Make our Blogs Look Like the Professionals.

#3 Themes

Here Again WordPress Leading as it Provides Tons of Premium and Free Themes but Textpattern only has Few for their Customers. So WordPress is what Gives your Blog Premium Look with Their Premium Themes.

#4 Mobile Optimized

WordPress has Mobile Optimized Version for their Customers so they can do whatever they want from their Mobile Phones but Textpattern don’t have Mobile Optimized version.

#5 Easy Interface

WordPress has Lot Easier Interface for User than Textpattern. Specially Beginners can Find Textpattern Interface difficult to use so they Always go with WordPress.

#6 Performance

Textpattern Also Falling Behind WordPress as they Don’t have a Smoother Performance like WordPress.
WordPress users can Create Fast Websites with Ease when Compared to Textpattern.

#7 SEO

WordPress has Much Better SEO Features for their User then Textpattern. But with Textpattern Constantly Improving it will Not take so much time to Improve in SEO.

#8 Social Integration Widgets

Social Networks are very Powerful these days as they drive so much of traffic to Blogs with Many Active users. So it is Must to have Blogging software having Tools to integrate with Social Sites. Both Textpattern and WordPress Provides Lots of Social Widgets. Both are compatible with sharing Posts on Social Networks Like Twitter , Facebook , Google+- , LinkedIn , etc.


In Our Views WordPress is Still Number one when we think of using blogging Software for our Blogs. It has Premium Features that Providing Power interface for users to build Professional Blogs. But Textpattern is also not that Bad . Users can use Textpattern if they want. In the End its All your Choice but Our Recommendation will Always Remain With WordPress.

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If you want any Help regarding Blogging software’s, then, you can ask via comments.

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