Writing your first blog post on your blog will feel like awesome. Especially if you have a passion for blogging. It may be a future profession for you, but also may be not. Because there are many newbies who start blogging with a passion, continue doing the same for a few months but due to less traffic, lose hope.

5 Steps to Follow after writing your First Blog Post

Now, what can be the reason bloggers leaving blogging after a few months? There may be many reasons, but in my thinking on major reason is, they don’t know that to do after publishing first blog post. So, to avoid that problem we are sharing some steps needed to be followed after writing your first blog post. All these steps are as important as writing a post. So, never ever ignore any point.

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Steps to Follow after Writing first Article on your Blog

All these below given steps are tried and tested by me itself. All of them work like a charm, if you follow them correctly. So, let’s start.

#1 Build Social Media Buzz

Social Media is a great way to get exposure and drive some traffic. It will be the best option for all newbies to promote their blog posts in Facebook Groups, Pages, on Twitter, etc.. It will not only get you traffic, which is very difficult to get from Search Engines in the beginning and also help you build your own audience who will love reading your future blog posts. So, after writing your first blog post, start using all social networking and bookmarking sites.

#2 Start Commenting on other Blogs

Blog commenting is another way to build some Audience, trust and drive some traffic. But these days majority of bloggers are spamming by this method. They just leave Irrelevant comments or including links in the comments. That is not the way to go about. You must read the post where you wanna comment and then, leave a relevant comment. If you want your links there, then, you can find comment luv blogs which will also help you build some backlinks.

#3 Guest blogging

Guest Posting or Blogging is one of the best known ways to build Authority and create brand awareness.  But you should only submit high quality articles on Popular websites. It will redirect some permanent visitors to your blog and in addition you may get some quality backlinks. But building backlinks should not be your first Aim. In other words, you should not guest post to manipulate search rankings, only focus on traffic and audience.

#4 Build Network of bloggers

You may have seen that team works better than a single guy. So, you should also build your own team to get success with blogging. There are many newbie bloggers who want to get popular, you can include all of them in your team who really want to be successful. It will take very less time to build an authority audience if you work together.

#5 Focus on More Quality Blog posts

After you started doing all above 4 steps regularly, you need to focus on providing quality articles on your blog.  All above things will only work, if your blog has some in-depth information. So, start getting some new ideas and distribute quality content on your blog.

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Final Verdict

These are some basic steps you need to follow after starting your blog. Apart from that you can also submit your blog to directories, stay active on High PR forums to drive some traffic, etc.. You can also take these things as compulsory to become a successful blogger. So, it concludes this articles. Don’t forget to share this Article on social networks. Happy blogging.

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