Social Media for SEO: Getting Started Tips

Social Media for SEO: Getting Started Tips

Social media can be great additions to your SEO efforts. The best social networking sites today offers a chance to connect with millions of other users directly, making promoting your site and engaging your visitors – or even customers – very easy to do. Of course, you need to make sure your social media profiles are optimized for SEO. We have just the tips to help you get started in this article.

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Setting Up Your Social Media Profiles

One of the first things you need to do when setting up social media profiles is filling out the About section of the page. Provide a short and representative description of who you are and what your site is all about. Don’t forget to let users know the kind of contents you will be sharing through your profile.

A good About section will help you gain social media traction. New followers tend to check out the About section of the profile before deciding to follow or engage, so having a suitable, well-optimized About section is a must.

Don’t forget to also add links to your site and other social media profiles. Twitter and other social networks reserve only one filed for a live link (a link that the user can actually click). This field should be for your main website address. You can then add information about other social networking pages on the header (as an image) or in the description.

Grow Your Number of Followers


Actually Total number of followers on your profile increase good influence on your ranking because now a day so many social media sites are showing result according to no. of connection just as a example LinedIn , LinkedIn show result according to order of higher no. of connections profile to low no. of connections profile .

So here as we are talking about SEO through social media then this is also one of the best method because now Twitter is providing Authority of your profile one by one as according to content on your profile so higher authority profile will deliver quality link juice for your website .

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Make Your Contents Shareable

Don’t just post a title and a link to an article on your site. Add a comment, a question or other elements that will persuade other users to comments, share the content and act on it. You can also add an image or use meta tags to show an excerpt and a featured image when the link is shared on social networks.

The same goes for optimizing your site. Make sure the Share buttons are visible and easy to reach. You should also add a context to them; something that will persuade users to share the article they are reading. A simple CTA saying “share this article” or “sharing is caring” with an arrow pointing towards the social media icons is a good way to start.

Certain social networks have certain limitations, so be sure to keep them in mind to keep your contents as shareable as possible. On Twitter, for instance, you should keep your tweets below 110 characters so other users can retweet and comment on them.

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Use Google+

Google plus is one of the most popular social networking website because this network is venture of Google and as you know Google is more powerful than Facebook because Search engine is all about Google’s algorithm so in SEO everything all about link building but here through social media you have to make link through sharing your content on Google+ .

Use Reddit

Reddit is very powerful social networking site from where you can drive lot of traffic on your blog through sharing viral and useful content there . as you can check Reddit this is very popular network and getting link from this website will be very powerful it will increase your ranking score for search engine .

Use Twitter

Twitter is very famous for social bookmarking and micro blogging social network , so don’t forgot to share your content on twitter and also make a very fantastic Profile including your link bio will give you awesome feedback and boost in your Search ranking . Because now after the new update Twitter is allowing to show your tweets direct in search engine which will increase visibility for ranking and direct traffic .

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Use Pinterest!

Although Pinterest is not as lively or as attractive as other social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, it is still a way to reach millions of potential audience. Pinterest is a good way to build links and let users share your contents. It is even possible to let users share individual images from your site. The more users share your contents, the more visitors you will get in return as well.

Spend 30 minutes a day maintaining your Pinterest account as well. Create interesting pins that relate well to your industry. This will help attract more users to your website.

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