Top 5 Android Apps to Block Calls and SMS

Top 5 Android Apps to Block Calls and SMS
SMS has become a major part of our life. It helps us contacting each other without calling and for more mobile companies given us a bunch of recharge packs which allow many Free SMSs. But did you know it also a bad side? Afcourse you know, Majority of you will get many spam messages, and you can’t nothing about it. There is solution to register Number for DND, but, then you will not get important notifications also. One another Problem arrives, suppose you blocked a friend’s number on Smartphone and you don’t wanna talk to him, but still his messages will arrive instead of Number Blocking. So, this is again a problem needed to be solved.If you are a user of Android Smartphone, then, solving this problem is not so difficult because today in this Article we provide a short list of Best SMS and Call Blocking Apps. These Application will help you block unwanted Messages and also Calls. So, what you are waiting for, just go through the list and pick a best one for you.

Top 5 Android Apps to Block Calls and SMS

#1 SMS Spam Blocker – Postman


This is totally Free to use App which automatically detects Spam Messages. They have their criteria or rules and regulations to detect Spam Message and then, store it in their Spam Folder. You can check that message by opening that folder and if you think it is wrongly marked as Spam, then, you can easily move it to Phone Inbox. This App is one of the best for this work.

#2 SMS Filter


This is another app which blocks Spam Messages and calls. You just need to Add that Number to Black list manually or By selecting Any option given above in the Screenshot. Once done, this App will do the rest things automatically. This Application is the easiest one to use.

#3 Call and SMS Easy Blocker


This App Provides you an easy interface to block both unwanted Calls and Messages. You just Need to fill up Black list. You can also monitor old spam messages and blocked Calls by Opening this App.

#4 Call Blocker

call blocker

This is one of my favorite App because of its attractive interface and its All in One Functions. You can easily block Calls and messages by Adding the Phone number in the List. You an also hide your personal messages, and Calls using this Application in your Smartphone. So, Personally saying this App is the best one for you as it provides many different functions in one place and also a professional look..

#5 Blacklist Plus


This App is very highly rated on Google Play because it allows you to set time period of call and SMS blocking from a particular Number. It also allows to select a Number Range and then, it blocks all Messages and calls received from that Range of Numbers. So, Again another one of the best.

So, this ends the List of top 5 Android Apps to block Calls and SMS. Use any of them and Enjoy.

  1. I personally rate Blacklist Plus as the best SMS and Call blocker app.

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