Top 8 Skills which will help you earn Big $$$ in 2021

Top 8 Skills which will help you earn Big $$$ in  2021

So, you are ready to earn Big in 2019? Part time or Full time, it doesn’t matter, you want to increase your earnings this year?

But the question is, What are the skills which can help you earn $$$ in 2019 ?

Well, there are many skills which you will need to earn money. I will mention 8 of them in this article. So, here we go.

Top 8 Skills which will help you earn Big $$$ in  2021

#1 Graphics or Web Designing Skills

Top 8 Skills which will help you earn Big $$$ in  2021

Well, Having Designs skills, no matter Graphics or Web, will always help you earn good. graphics designing is a science or an Art can’t say perfectly because both are needed if you are going to create a special or different kind of design from others . Specially here this can can help you to earn lot of money full time or part time as you like to do . But you will require some creativity while developing new web designs for blogs, or businesses. If you do, then create your own website, showcase your skills there and then, wait for the people to hire you for the designing work.

You can also join sites like Fiverr, Truelancer, Freelancer and get designing work.

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#2 Photography

Top 8 Skills which will help you earn Big $$$ in  2021

Well, Photography is not simply a hobby you can make thousand of dollars easily online . If you like clicking photographs, then you can some bucks from it, but it will require a good camera as well as some editing skills. If you have then, sites like or iStockphoto will help you earn decent amount.

#3 Writing Skills

Top 8 Skills which will help you earn Big $$$ in  2021

If you are a experienced copyrighter , journalist & editor then freelance writing is best option for you . specially it depends on your level means on the basis of your writing skill you can stay and promote yourself in writing field .

Now you might be thinking HOW ? so simply as in starting i shared about Freelancer or Fiverr you can sell your gig online start from lowest cost and then after getting good clients when you will start delivering quality content you can earn huge amount easily from this skill.

another way is start your Blog on wordpress after purchasing Bluehost Hosting you can publish your own some best content and then make your portfolio , surely you will get many of content requirement project directly from your blog.

#4 Programming

Top 8 Skills which will help you earn Big $$$ in  2021

This time many of startups are starting and also many business are growing their business online so they need website or Apps for Android , IOS . If you have knowledge about C++ , HTML , JAVA & PHP then this is great time for you and without doing any hard research easily you will get freelance project related to programming .

Programming skill will help you to earn huge $$$ easily but make sure you need to provide quality service and grow your profile rating , it will give you extra boost to get more number of projects and similarly dollars in your account.

#5 SEO / SEM

Top 8 Skills which will help you earn Big $$$ in  2021

These two things are very popular these days on internet first one SEO which stand for Search engine Optimization and another one SEM which is popularly known as search engine marketing . SEO & SEM both are different thing and play major role on their place because first one is optimization where a SEO expert optimize keyword of website by two methods on page & off page . on another hand SEM where a marketing expert do search engine visibility of any website (SERPs) through paid advertising .

Where many on companies provide these services for clients and making good amount of income from this service so if you are a company or freelancer you can also earn good income providing this services .

#6 Mobile App Development

Top 8 Skills which will help you earn Big $$$ in  2021

Mobile app development is emerging as profitable business with various kind of mobile operation system like as android , iOS & windows , so mobile app development has become a great field for developers to earn huge money from this. Actually best thing of this field is no need of initial investment to develop any application .

You can also earn huge amount if you develop any interesting app for any platform specially ios or android and you can monetize that app which can give you good regular income from ads . another way is if you work as a freelancer or company for a client who will give you amount after just delivering project . because at this time there are huge no of apps available on app stores where is big fight to get more downloads of your app so better you should work for a client and make good income from this.

#7 Social Media Marketing

Top 8 Skills which will help you earn Big $$$ in  2021

There are many social networking websites on internet like Facebook , twitter , StumbleUpon , LinkedIn , Reddit have emerged as major social media platform . Business can directly interact with these social media accounts so these days companies are making strong their social media accounts for best services for client .

If you know about social media and their marketing then you can get great income from this field because this is one of the most growing work on internet is available for you , also you can promote other products as affiliate and make $$$ easily .

#8 Become a Book Reviewer

Top 8 Skills which will help you earn Big $$$ in  2021

If you love reading as much as writing then this is one of the best job for you because best thing is that you will get many of books free of cost directly from author or some of them from publishers for paid review . As if i am literature & fiction blogger , and my blog is famous on that specific category then surely i can get many books for paid review to be publish on my blog . If you wants to become a paid book reviewer then you should start a blog or YouTube channel or any facebook fan page where you can share your work with public . In starting of career you need to pitch some of magazines or newspaper for review or you must to develop your base from your own blog perfectly .


Turn your passion into profession is best way to do work what ever you like , what you wants to do . but first you need to know your skill and give your best to become a perfectionist . self belief is no . 1 determination factor also you must to be updated with new techniques so these are some best methods by which you can earn money $$$ from your skills in 2019 .

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