6 Simple Ways to Increase Blog Subscribers

In the Beginning of Blogging Career everything seems to be easy specially building a Blog and Writing a lot of blog Posts. Though that Blog Posts were little shorter (about 150 words) but still it was easier to write them. Because that was the time we really don’t care about any of the writing or SEO Rules, the only thing we care about is writing posts with whatever knowledge we have.With Some Experience, we started writing Some Longer Posts by Following SEO Rules, that was the Time we also Updated our old posts with some valuable content.  But in both cases we faced a big problem, actually a big question arrived in our minds that “How to Drive traffic to our blogs“. Then we started Reading and Following various techniques available online to Drive Traffic and we succeeded in doing so.  But While Getting Decent Visitors we Haven’t focused on Building a List of Subscribers or we tried but couldn’t get it.

As we know Subscribers are Real Readers of our Blogs and they are sure shot traffic, which will not disappear unless we provide low quality content on our blogs. So, for Building that List of  Blog Subscribers we Need to Follow Some Basic Steps.

Simple Ways to Increase Blog Subscribers

These are some Tips to get More Subscribers for Your Blog:-

1. Place Subscription Box

If Your blog doesn’t have a Subscription Box Placed then, there is not way you will get Subscribers. So, Place a simple but Attractive Box which will force users to subscribe. Two most popular places of subscription boxes is  “Top of sidebar” and “Bottom of the Posts”.
What Happen when You place Box on these Two Places?
If Visitor Liked Your Blog Content then, in Most Cases subscriptions will be successful because Box is in its best position where visitors will not have to do anything extra.

Suppose After Reading a Helpful Article, you have find an attractive Box saying “Enter Your Email and get Worth $1000 Articles Free in Your Inbox” at bottom. Then most time you will get attracted and subscribe.
So, Placement of Subscription Box on Your Blog is very Important.

2. Calling for Subscription

You may have seen many Persons who don’t like to do anything unless someone calls them to do. Similarly, there are some visitors who will never subscribe unless we tell them to subscribe with a Perfect Reason. For example, At the Bottom of the Post, you can include some Lines Related to the content of that post Like “In Our next post we will be providing Methods to Get Thousands of Subscribers. So, don’t forget to subscribe us”. After this Line Place your Subscription Link.

3.  Free Ebooks, softwares, Tools, etc.

We have seen many Popular Bloggers providing Free Ebooks Named “How to Make $1000 in 6 Months” or “How to become 6 figure blogger”. They Provide these Books, only to Subscribers of their Blogs. So, Creating Unique Ebooks, Software’s, Online Tools and Providing Visitors the Opportunity to get them Free by Subscribing to Your Blogs is the Best Way to Get High Number of Subscribers.

4. Include subscription Link in Guest Posts, Blog Comments

It will be a Very Good Idea to Use Your Feed Link in Bio Section of Guest Articles. So, Visitors Liking Your Guest Posts can Subscribe to your Blog Feed. But Before doing this, take appropriate permission from the Owner of the Blog (Where you Publishing Guest Articles).
Also, using Feed Link in place of a Blog Link in Comments will increase Blog Subscribers. So, make it Your Habit.

5. Holding Contest and Giving Prizes

Creating a Contest Between Subscribers and Giving Attractive Prizes will certainly Increase Blog Subscriptions. But Contest Must be simple and You should never Fool anyone by giving Fake Prizes.

6. Use Feed Directories

I personally Never used this method But have heard others saying that this can help Increasing list of subscribers. You can Directories Like rss-network, but I will Advice to do some more research on this topic.

What You Think?

These are some basic tips to increase blog subscribers but there are many other ways also. Which Method do you Like Most?
Did i Miss any any Point? Give Your Feedback through the Comments and Also Don’t Forget to Subscribe this Blog.

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    All the points mentioned by you are good but my faviourite is ebook, that works well, especially when it is about the related topic on which user is reading your article.

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