Simple Tips to Get an Opportunity of Guest Posting

Simple Tips to Get an Opportunity of Guest Posting
Guest posting on other peoples websites is still a good way to get usable and relevant backlinks to your website. But, as always there is the problem of convincing the blog master to post your article with the backlink. You would think that offering written content for free would be enough, but blog masters are very protective and often take some convincing. Plus, when they get a good PageRank or Alexa Rank they start to get ideas above their station and they will have you singing and dancing before you post your article. Here are some simple tips to help you convince the blogger that you are all-that-and-a-bag-of-chip!

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Submit a topic that is very relevant to the blogs overall theme

If you are a blogger that receives requests to guest post then you know how annoying it is to have completely irrelevant topics suggested for your blog. You run a blog about eating unprocessed foods in your diet and some chump sends you a topic about how adding sangria to a trifle makes it taste great, or how rubber cake holders are better for baking.
What is worse are the people that just submit an unsolicited article and then expect a response and answer just because they sent work over the Internet. It is common curtsy to ask first and suggest a blog post topic before sending the full article.

 Your website/blog being of a similar topic helps too

 If you link to other websites then Google is starting to grumble about them being relevant to your website. In their opinion you should be linking to websites that are related in some way to your website otherwise they offer no tangible use to your viewers. If blog masters know this then they are not going to like linking to your blog about African trees if their website is about French art.

Be part of the Google+ authorship program

It is possible for people to use your Google+ authorship member ship to look over your other articles online. This is appealing to a blog master because it means people may navigate from your other articles to the blog post you put on their blog. The Google+ authorship program also plants your face next to your author bio, which looks a little better than nothing. Plus, if your article is good then there is a chance it may rank a little higher than normal. Join the Google+ authorship program and direct the blog master to a link with an article filled with Google+ authorship benefits so that he or she can learn for his or her self how valuable your authorship membership is.
This is not really very fair because you are giving them free text/content in return for your link, so the fact that they get free content and a link is very unfair. But, some blog masters with a high PageRank and high Alexa Rank will not be very inviting without incentive. And even then, if you have a low Alexa Rank or PageRank then they may even refuse your backlink.

Show the blogger how you intend to promote your post

Too few people do this because it doesn’t occur to them. When you submit your request and topic for consideration by the blog master, also mention how you are going to promote the guest post on social media and explain all the places you are going to mention the guest post. This is not something that a lot of prospective guest bloggers offer so it may put you ahead of the competition if you are also offering content promotion.

Follow the bloggers guidelines to the letter

If you are a blogger and accept guest posts then you should have a list of submission rules. If that is the case then you should know how annoying it is when people ignore your rules anyway. If you want to stay on the good side of the blogger then follow every rule exactly. There are some blogs that say “Do not make guest post requests on the blog comment section.” And almost every time you see this rule you can check through a few of that blogs comment section to see that somebody has written a guest post request or written something such as, “Have you got my email yet?”

Do not suck up to the blog master

There are actually people out there that spew out things such as, “I am a massive fan of your blog” or “I have been reading your blog for years.” the latter is especially fun when the blog is only six months old. Do not “kiss ass”, just be polite, cordial and professional.

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