Show Adsense Ads Below Post Title in Blogger

Show Adsense Ads Below Post Title in Blogger
Almost every blogger is using Google Adsense for monetize his/her blog . Because Adsense is best it provides good cost on per click.  Adsense Perform good CPC when your CTR will good According to Google .
So, When we talk about CTR , mostly every pro-blogger give you a Simple Suggestion that – “You need to use Better Ads. Placement in your Blog “.

According to Imran Uddin (Pro-Blogger) Place Ads below post title and End of Post helps you to Get More click On your Ads also Your CTR will be normal (Good).
Today here I am going to shareHow to ADD/SHOW ADSENSE ADS BELOW POST TITLE IN BLOGGER” or in other words you can say ” How to Put Adsense Ads between Post in Blogger” . This is most helpful and important trick for every blogger to optimizer your Google Adsense Ads .

Show Adsense Ads Below Post Title in Blogger

Note:- Don’t Forgot to Save Backup of your Blog template before these editing.

Steps To Place Adsense Ads Below Every Post Title :-

 Ø First of all Create A Add unit in your Adsense Account . I am suggesting you two best size to choose below title – (728×90) or (336×280) these two size are best.

 Ø Now after the Create Ad unit you need to Covert your Ad code from here-
 Ø After the Covert Goto- In your Blogger blog from > Template > Edit
 Ø After the open Template edit search for  – <data:post.body/>  by using CTRL+F key.
 Ø Now this code you will see many times in your template you need to stop after clicking 2nd time to find this .
 Ø Now set this in new notepad or anywhere
    <b:if cond=’data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;’>
    <center> CONVERTED AD CODE  </center>
    <br/> <br/>     </b:if>

 Ø Before some steps ago I said you for ad code convert replace your coverted ad code on Red colored code .
 Ø And now Paste complete Code with upper script before the second occurrence of <data:post.body/> in your Template.
Now Save your Template and check your Posts in your blog .
This Method is 100% working on my blog you can check any post of “OnlyLoudest” and if you are facing any problem in this process you can ask in comment or You can ask directly by Contact us .
  1. Very nice post bro thanks…….and Bro please remove these social share buttons at left side they are really annoying…You can loose visitors..!

  2. This method does not work on my blog, why? I found two of the search code and I placed it before the first code

    1. Hey,

      Method is working fine for Blogger platform you need to put code before 3rd search if not work in before 4th search.

      I’m 100% sure your ads will live by following this method and place code before 3rd search.


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