Adsense banned? Try the Best Adsense Alternative A new name in the market of monetization of blog, which offers you even feature like ready to use plugins & scripts which allow you to monetize your blogs which can be both Google AdSense and Non-AdSense biased blogs.

And as Google AdSense offer the best option for monetizing your blog/website, considering it has been one of the dominating program for earning a few extra $$$ from your blogs/websites so far- But what about the alternatives ? And which alternative is the best?

This is where comes into the play with much to offer compared to Google AdSense and that too even while keeping everything simple to use.

About A Short View On Earning a Little Extra: is a simple URL Shortening program which is developed for Bloggers, Webmasters and other internet users who are willing to earn money from online, also bloggers can easily earn a little extra right from the blog that they are earning from.

How to Earn?

Earning money online has never been easier and with all you have to do is Register into a account (For Free) & Short a link of your desire and share it over the internet and that may be in any social media site or in commenting.

And now all you have to do is wait and whenever someone clicks on the link that you have shared, they have to go through a 5second ad which can be skipped with a tab called “Skip this AD” and when they click on it you get paid for it and you will get paid for every user that clicks on the short link and skips the ad. Why Chose an Alternative?

Blogging and Website marketing being a trending source for earning money online has created programs like Google AdSense which allows you further to earn a little more out of the same blog/website from where you are already earning a few buck.

But AdSense is not always the best way that you can choose from to earn a little extra from your blogs/website and there can be more than one reason why you want to choose over Google Adsense. Few of which we are going to discuss about now:

#1. Disapproved/Rejected AdSense Account:

If you are a Google AdSense user than you would probably familiar with Google AdSense’s regular updates and the strict rules and regulation that Google AdSense follow and implement now and then for AdSense approval.

And if you don’t have an AdSense account then is definitely what you should go for which doesn’t even require any special permission and you will be ready to use your account just within a  few minutes.

#2. Double your Earning With & AdSense:

Already using Good AdSense user and want to use Well, it’s easy, all you have to do is use with your AdSense without any problem and even earn a little more $$$ with both working on the same blog or website.

#3. Website Script Generator Tool with offers with a website Script Generator Tool that allows you to generate your own unique script and also lets you decide which ads do you want to be in your blog. This may also include Entries Ads with Trigger type and timeout option and Exits Ads like bounce rate etc.

Script Generator also lets you create pop up ads that is trending now a days in many blogging sites.

#4. Blog Comment Earning:

With this feature would really turn your mind on using as your new monetizing program. This feature allows you to earn money through blog commenting which is provided though Earn on Blogspot Comments which is only available on

#5. Safe and Profitable Payment:

Having a Low Minimum Payout Threshold is what everyone wants now a days and offers you the lowest payout threshold of $5 and providing the best payout rates when compared to all other AdSense alternative and even AdSense.

#6. Enjoy The Free Extra Features:

With a lot of free and extra features to choose from that you can enjoy unlike other AdSense alternatives like Pop Ads and even Word Press Plugin.

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And with these few features, has made its way to the top of the Best Google AdSense Alternative. And please note that, I am not saying that is better than Google AdSense but it is definitely one of the best alternatives to AdSense with many features that along with simple to use even if you are already using Google AdSense.

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