Basic Search Engine Optimization tips for Blogspot (Blogger) Blogs

Basic Search Engine Optimization tips for Blogspot (Blogger) Blogs

SEO is stand for Search engine Optimization, we all know and hear about this word lot of times from blogger mates and on internet also. But having Knowledge of SEO is like purity in milk because if you will do all things in proper bases then absolutely you will rank on internet. Actually I saw so many blogger who are newbie and started blogging without having knowledge because sometimes I saw some of the blogger who writes great content on their blog but because of bad seo and some mistakes in his/her blog dashboard . I am here going to share Basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tips of Blogger (Blogspot) Blogs.

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So today we will here discuss about Blogger (BlogSpot ) blogs. Blogger is a free platform which is powered by Google. Mostly 80-90% bloggers who starts their blogging journey they go with Blogger because it’s free and easy in use. It’s easy platform because here are very few options are available to touch for a blogger/admin who are running blog. And people do mistakes mostly in blogger platform because of uploading nulled theme or they upload theme which having too many bugs and not responsive and also not seo friendly.

SEO Optimization Tips for Blogspot (Blogger) Blogs:

Actually WordPress is a single platform where mostly works are readymade means admin can complete his work by using some of plugins in his blog dashboard. But in this blogger platform here admin have to do all works manually. So I am going to share some tips and tricks if you follow them it will boost your seo score and as well as Ranking + Traffic on your blog.

1# Custom Robots.txt

Search Engine (Google , Bing) works on algorithm and they need some permissions from blog/website which they need to crawl them because they works on the bases on Search engine bot . so you have to fill this field in your blogger dashboard . You can find this from Blogger dashboard > Settings > Search Preferences then scroll page and check ‘crawlers and Indexing’ section there you will find this option.


2# Custom Robots Header Tags

You will also get this option below the Custom Robots.txt option and here you have to mark some authorizes which you have to give for GoogleBot to crawl your blog and blog posts or Header Tags. Wrong entries can harm your blog and drop your blog indexing from search engine so save these setting correctly .

3# Meta Tags

This Option you will get in the section of ‘Search Preferences’ on top so fill it with a good description of your blog + good keywords as a meta tags . But its not much important because recently blogger has introduced search description to each of your blog post.

4# SEO Friendly Template

You can also download SEO friendly template from here . Template is like a face of a person it presents beautifulness of your blog on the front of reader . so need to choose a great and beautiful theme + seo optimized for our blog , which will boost your blog traffic and readers conversion .

#5 Optimize Blog Post Title

Make sure you are using a Good SEO friendly template in your blog . Because optimize title of your blog post depends on template.

#6 Internal Linking

Internal linking is also very important factor of Search engine optimization because sometimes we have to interlink our old post with a new related post. Interlinking of post not only increase your page views as well as it increase your ranking in search engine. Mostly newbie do mistake in this work so I hope you will give importance to this.

#7 Custom Page Not Found

It’s another good and necessary for SEO in blogspot blog because in blogspot we have to make a page not found error page manually to show for readers. if sometimes your any post has been deleted then it redirects on this page .

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So these are few tips and tricks to optimize your blogspot blog for better SEO . Actually here I have shared mostly all settings and important parts which you to notice in your blogger dashboard and if there is any problem then fix them. So if I left any important point here you can share with us or any query related to this post ask in comment section.

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