Best SEO Tips and Tricks 2021

Best SEO Tips and Tricks  2021

With everyone looking to build a website or blog that rocks in this Modern Era, requirement of SEO Tips and Tricks have increased.  Google also with those algorithm updates Changed Search Engine Optimization a bit. So, you are not allowed to use those Black Hat Techniques like keyword stuffing, backlink building, etc. because these tricks are on the blacklist. That discovers a question for Webmasters and bloggers, that Which SEO Tips and Tricks they should to get better visibility in search. So, below are all those search engine optimization methods which are not blacklisted by Google and you can use them for your benefits. For Simple Understanding, I have separated Search Engine Optimization into 3 different parts.

Best SEO Tips and Tricks

#1 On-Page SEO

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#1.1 Keyword Research

Keyword research plays a major role in success of a website. You Need to focus on 3 main parts while Researching.

  • Keyword with High Volume of monthly searches, but less competition.
  • Search Long Tail keywords instead of Short Tail because Long tail keywords have less competition and also conversion rate will be higher if you using any affiliate system to earn money from your website.
  • Use LSI keywords related to your main keyword for better visibility in search. It will also avoid keyword stuffing mistake.

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#1.2 Placement of Keywords

Just the inclusion of popular keywords doesn’t make your article optimized for search engine. You also need to place them carefully.

  • Place Main Keywords in Heading Tags, Image Alt Tags, and Special Tags like Bold, italics, underline, etc.. This will Highlight that keyword or phrase for both search engine and Users.
  • Keyword in first and Last Paragraph tells robots that you really focus on that keyword.
  • Usage of Keywords in Permalinks also has a lot of benefits, but keep permalink as short as possible.

#1.3 Reduce Loading Time

In recent times, Google makes it quite clear that the Websites with less loading time will rank higher. They don’t wanna send visitors to a site which takes a lot of time to load and irritate visitor. So, Work a little bit harder on your site speed and automatically Rank Well in the rankings.
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#2 Off-Page SEO

Backlinks are very important for every website, but they have lost its importance since Google’s Algorithm Updates. Now, Quality of links is important instead of quantity. So, you need to go for High quality Backlinks and the best way to do so is Guest Posting. I have been doing Guest posting for some time now and it has very good positive effects on my Blog. But remember to only write high quality content on authority blogs.

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#2.2 Trust and Reputation

If you wanna become a popular Entrepreneur then, you need to build a lot of trust and reputation for yourself. The best way to do so is to help others. You will find many newbie webmasters and bloggers asking questions, you can help them solve their problem which will build so much trust.
One other way I like for Reputation building is Blog Commenting. You can comment on High Authority Blogs, it will help you build strong relationships with both senior and junior Entrepreneurs. Blog commenting not only provide you chance to build reputation, but you can also create some backlinks by commenting on Dofollow blogs.

#3 Social Media SEO

#3.1 Get Social Signals

Links from Social Networking sites may not be dofollow, but those are really important for SEO. Recently I talked to Many SEO experts for some consultation on the same topic and all of them said that Likes, shares and Retweets can do a lot of good for your Website. One it will build Authority in the eyes of Google which will increase your rankings in search and also you will get huge traffic from all social networking sites.

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Impact of Social Media and Video Sharing Sites on Blogging

#3.2 Bookmarking sites

Bookmarking sites also play a major role as they can provide huge traffic. I have used some popular Social Bookmarking sites like Reddit, StumbleUpon, Digg, etc. and all of them worked very well. They also have a good effect on your rankings. So, it’s very important to use them in this modern era.

Final Verdict

All these SEO Tips and Tricks are very important to make your website successful in this competitive Internet world. And also always remember to obey the rules and regulations set by Google while using all Search Engine Optimization techniques. It will help you become a professional Entrepreneur. So, that’s it with the Article. Don’t forget to share it on Social Networks.

  1. Hey Atinder,

    Great post mate and perfect for beginners looking for help with SEO

    I would also add the importance of correct internal linking between sites as a solid silo helps flow link juice around and add relevancy


  2. Informative seo tips and tricks and by following all these tips will surely get some results in ranking and also traffic. I guess the most important thing is hard work on any strategy so that we can assume results in short time.

  3. Great tips for “Best SEO Tips and Tricks 2014” Recently Google did Panda upate 4.0 & this time is really more serious for SEO Tips and Tricks 2014. I Must say Thanks admin for “SEO Tips and Tricks 2014”

    1. Hi, Monika
      You are right New Google Algo. was really awesome, because in that algorithm google penalized on those blogs which have Low Quality content.

      Thanks for Comment 🙂

  4. Good post Siddharth. I really liked the post and the way you presented them all.

  5. This is a really nice post by Atinder.
    SEO in 2014 is going to be lot more different that of previous years. Google will rank sites which really helps readers with valuable content and devalue those which are not serve anything to readers.

    You wrote it perfectly Atinder. On page SEO is really important to get in good grace of Google. Writing Quality and Lengthy article with long tail and lsi keywords is the best one. But we should not do Keyword Stuffing. It is bad.
    Even, blog loading time affects ranking our blog. Google takes it seriously. I don’t remember now but i read somewhere that, according to case study, when Amazon got 1.2 seconds slower, lost its 25% (or so) search traffic.

    Also, you said about building good reputation. Nowadays, Google is preferring the sites which Google authorship installed and has good Author Rank. We can achieve a good author rank by guest posting on high authority blogs which has authorship installed.

    Social networking and Social bookmarking sites will have great weightage in eyes of Google. A post which gets shared, liked, stumbled, RT’ed, Digged will have high ranking. Because, Google thinks that the content which is liked by other peoples and getting viral on Social sites definitely has the value.

    Well, i found this article on and kingged it.

    1. Thanks for your Valuable Feedback Swaraj and yes SEO has changed. So, now Webmasters must need to focus on each and every aspect which can cost them the drop in the rankings.

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