Some people usually say procrastination is the thief of time, others also say better late than ever, all in all, if you feel passionate about something, you should consider doing it now or at least give it a try. So, if you feel interested in pursuing a career in digital marketing, the time is now.

Reports from various government departments show that the digital economy has a rapid growth rate which is 10 times faster compared to the traditional economy. This, in turn, will result in a skills gap of more vacancies in an in a few years to come.

How you can start your digital marketing profession : SEO Spokane

Having this in mind, let us quickly look at some tips that can help you start your journey to becoming one of the best digital marketers in Spokane.


Since learning is always a continuous process, you should always be eager to learn. When it comes to digital marketing, the industry is currently growing at a faster rate and it is getting even more competitive.

Businesses can nowadays easily differentiate between the employees who are always looking forward to learning new things and those that are just there for the sake of it and therefore are able to deal with them.

For you to be successful in this industry, you need to have a passion and a strong desire to triumph.


Since this is something that revolves around the internet, it would be an important thing if you always remain updated on what’s happening around.

You can be able to achieve this by simply following the popular digital marketing websites and also some of these influential persons on the social media.

As the top companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Google often update their paid ad platforms and also the algorithms, it is important that you also stay on the loop or you will have a difficult time trying to keep up with the changes.


How you can start your digital marketing profession : SEO Spokane

Always associate yourself with those people who are more talented or have more experience than yourself. These people you meet are the ones going to be your support network whenever you are faced with some challenges.

This can also help you by opening your doors to new opportunities you couldn’t have found. It is also a good idea if you get to attend the industry conferences and meetups around you so that you can be able to interact with fellow digital marketers.

This will, in turn, improve your skills through presentations and workshops. Click here to see why networking is an important tool in business.

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Personal projects

How you can start your digital marketing profession : SEO Spokane

Well, it’s not a bad thing to always stick to your employer’s opinions but you also need to try out ideas of your own. One thing with this industry is that everything isn’t usually plain as you might think.

Of course, there is always that margin between what is the best practice to do and what you can actually do to get results for your business.

This is why as a digital marketer, you need to have your own personal projects that will allow you to test different theories, try out several disciplines including SEO, social media and content marketing among others. This will also allow people to hold you accountable for the failure or success of any project.


I think if you go to Rome, before even trying to do what the Romans do, you will first try to learn their language, right? The same applies to digital marketing. Every digital marketer should always be comfortable when people start talking about things like SEO, SEM, and PPC.

These are some acronyms that they should be familiar with. Well, these terms usually mean different things and if you can’t explain them perfectly then this is a clear indication that you still need some further training.

Your ability to be able to analyze the campaign strategies used in digital marketing and be able to point out the elements that worked and those that did not solely depend on your understanding of the terminologies often used in the industry.

Building a personal brand

How you can start your digital marketing profession : SEO Spokane

In as much as one should be ambitious, it is not a good thing to perceive yourself as a big shot in the industry yet you don’t even have any online presence that can be seen.

If you want to sell yourself out to the employers and show them that you can really improve the visibility of their companies then you need to first show that you can build personal brand of your own too.

Having a great online presence can help you a lot in your journey to becoming a good digital marketer. For instance, this can be a decider between you and another candidate if you happen to be in a job interview.

T-shaped marketer

How you can start your digital marketing profession : SEO Spokane
Source: ubiSafe

This is when you get to have a basic knowledge of several marketing niches but only specializing in a few particular skills, maybe one or two.

Well, people having a wide skill set when it comes to digital marketing are always considered to be an asset to the employers due to their ability to cross over and adapt to other different channels.

This will also help you to be adequately prepared when it comes to choosing a specific discipline in digital marketing that you can be able to specialize in. if you are interested in knowing more about being at-shaped marketer, follow this link


Starting up anything has never been easy but then again whatever is worth having is not always easy to get. The journey might be challenging but if you keep on pushing yourself you might be surprised by how far you will go. 

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