SendinBlue Review – Easy Email, SMS Marketing Solution

Marketing a key word for every Online business, you will never see any business (Small or Big) getting success without marketing. So, this word is very important to get success online, but to do marketing an effective way, you will require, a Proper Plan, an Easy-to-use Tool which will save you a lot of time.

So, let’s suppose you have a marketing plan, but you couldn’t able find a Tool which can help you Promote your business via Email or SMS. Well, this is a very common problem among all type business, but now onwards, you can forget this problem because today I am introducing SendinBlue tool which gives the Power to do Email and SMS Marketing the easy way. Wanna know more about this tool, Let’s read the full SendinBlue Review.

What is SendinBlue?

This tool is a best Email and SMS marketing Solution for both, Small and Big businesses. Even an Individual (Blogger) will find it useful with extremely easy to use features.
SendinBlue Review - Easy Email, SMS Marketing Solution

SendinBlue Review: Features

#1 Email Marketing

With their Advanced technology, you can easily make an Email Campaign with full customizations with 4 Step Process making everything so simple. You just need to Hit “Create Campaign” and then select “Email Campaign” to get started.

SendinBlue Review- Create Campaign

Β #2 SMS Marketing

This feature of SendinBlue makes it a far better than any other similar tool. With this feature, you can promote your business via SMS. And the SMS campaigns can fully customized according to your need.

#3 Real Time Tracking

When you do Online marketing, either Email or SMS, the tracking system is must for you because without having a tracking system, you will not get to know whether the recipient opened the mail or not. So, that’s where this tool comes into play, they have a Real Time tracking Available which helps you keep track of each Email and SMS sent by you.

#4 Spam Checking

It is very common these days with so much of security, Our mails end up in the Recipients Spam folder which spoils our hard work. But with this tool, you will be able to easily track whether your Mail goes to Recipients Inbox or Spam Folder.

#5 Easy Scheduling

It is totally understandable fact that, your Customers are from different countries and locations. So, their reading time will be different. To make sure every reader reads your Mail or SMS, you need to send them at correct timings and the best way to do, is to use SendinBlue Schedule Features which will help you schedule different campaigns for different customers or readers.


#6 Trigger Marketing

If you like mail ready campaigns for marketing, then SendinBlue is the best Tool for you which has best Lead generation Program.

#7 Other Important Features

  • Easy Contact Import Option
  • Drag and Drop Email Creation
  • Automatic Contact Blacklist Option
  • High Security
  • Smooth Delivery

So, What you are waiting for?

Sign Up for Free Account and Start Using SendinBlue

  1. Hi Atinder,

    It’s good to know about such an amazing tool.
    You have described it in a pretty informative way. In this new era of marketing people try to find some great tools which can be used for e-mail or SMS.

    Spam checking is a good factor of SendinBlue.

    Nice post.;)

    Hope you are having fun this weekend.:)


    1. Hello Dear , Ravi

      Nice to see you on my Blog. Yeah you are Right.. Spam Checking is another good factor of sendinblue tools. And you can start your great marketing from today.

      Please Keep Visiting !

  2. Yeah, The points you have mentioned are right, this tool is awesome. In future i will definitely try this tool soon.
    Thanks for mentioning

  3. Awesome review,
    Searching Email Marketing around the web, This review help me alot

    Thanks for sharing it

  4. Hey Atinder,
    Nice to see a Another Great Review . Wow! It’s another Website to collect email and do marketing through Emails. I am really surprised to see this because SendInBlue is new Company Name for me.

    Thanks! Soon I will Purchase a Package From here for my website. πŸ™‚

  5. This is a nice review indeed, Sendinblue seems to be a one stop shop for all online marketers. So far, there have been many websites and services launched and i hope this brings revolution in the world of online marketing. The biggest concern for people now a days is security. Lets see what it gives. Thanks for adding this review.

    1. Thanks For Visiting my Blog. Dear Gautam.

      Yeah Sendinblue is another great company which provides Online tools for Marketing through Emails.

      Try it bro πŸ™‚

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