How To Send And Receive Money With Google Wallet

Google app is one of the great apps and has offered lots of convenience to its users. There are plenty of things that you can enjoy with the aid of this app. This app lets you make payments and it also holds your loyalty card. The real secret of this app is yet to disclose. The specialty of this app is person to person money transfer. This is not so popular feature of the app, but it is a great feature that can ease lots of stress and it really works. It can transfer money without any doubt.

How To Send And Receive Money With Google Wallet

Google Wallet

With the aid of this app one can easily transfer both large and small amounts from one account to another. You can send money to your family, friends or any other person on this earth without any issue or error. You will need just two things a Gmail email account and this wonder application Goggle Wallet.

No matter what you need money for; you will get instant help because this app is going to do everything for you. Google wallet has got your cover.

How To Use Google Wallet

It is very easy and simple to use Google wallet. There is a latest version of the app also available with interesting features such as “Request Money” and “Send Money” on the main screen. You just have to press the right button and you are inside.

First of all you will have to write the name of the person to whom you are sending or asking money. You will get a list of the person’s name or you can also directly enter the email of that person and this will take you to the second step.

Now you will have to mention the amount and there is an optional message for payment methods.

Your wallet balance issued by default. After that,make sure that the information is correct on the screen and then tap on “Money Sent”

To Request

It is also a simple and almost similar procedure. Enter the requested amount and choose the option you like and hit the button. The person will get your email with precise instructions on how he/she can send money via Google wallet.

Choosing Payment Options

In this step you will find several options to draw money. There is the default option for the amount, if amount is greater than you can expand it by linking it with your debit cards and accounts. Whatever you choose, you get a clear description of each. Checking your debit cards requires no fees. But credit card payment requires a 2.9% fee.

These are the few ways by which you can use Google wallet to transfer money from one account to another. This method is the easiest and safest way to transfer money.  You get complete details about the transactions and guidance for each step to transfer money.  Also make sure that you discuss this pap with your friends so that they can also help their friends and family in easy transactions in case of emergencies.

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