Domain Name is a set of characters used to identify a Web site. These Characters should be perfectly selected to increase success percentage. As we see on the internet, every popular site has a well selected Unique domain Name. That Name Becomes a Brand for every website. So, a Poorly selected Domain may increase the chances of failure. In some cases domain may not be the factor as there are many Popular sites with Non-branded domains, but due to high quality content they top the rankings. So, You can do like them, or you can choose some perfect Set of characters to build a brand which means High Success rate.I will recommend to select an Awesome Domain Name for your Website to make it Grow faster. Now, the problem arrives not everyone has the ability to select domain specially Beginners. So, here we will provide a complete guide for everyone which will make domain selecting process easier.


1. Selection of Domain Extension

These days a bunch of Domain extensions is available. So, you should select extension according to your Need. For Example, if your website is country-specific, then select a country extension (.ca or .in).
But if your site doesn’t represent a specific country, then select Only Top level Domains like .com, .org or .net. These extensions Normally rank higher than others and also when visitors Manually type Address in Browser, they Usually tend to type these three extensions (specially .com).

Recommended: – Use “.com” Extension. It is also Good for SEO.

2. Use Unique but Descriptive Name

Your Domain name must contain a word which describes your website perfectly.  For an example, domain clearly shows that, this website is based on tricks about blogging. Similarly, domain clearly describes about the topic this blog.
But this doesn’t mean you will need one or two content related Keywords in domain to describe about your website, you can also use a Mix of Keywords Like and to make it more unique. It will perfectly work.

Recommended: – both domain name selection methods work fine. But it depends on Your content type. Bloggers can use Unique Names whichever they want, but site offering gadgets, dictionary or any other similar thing will need a specific keyword in the domain name. So, selection of domain Name will depend on your Website type.

3. Short Domains, Easy to Remember

As we Know Human Mind can easily remember a short Phrase or simple keyword instead of 4 or 5 keywords. So, only Use maximum of 3 Keywords and make it as shorter as you can. But also in the efforts of keeping the domain shorter, don’t make it common. Keep it unique with short keywords.
For example, the visitor arrives at our site to solve some problem, after solving the problem, he will close the website, but if the Domain Name is Simpler, shorter and unique, then, maximum Times that visitors will remember the name of the website and will type manually in a browser when he need to solve the same problem or some related problem.

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4. Avoid Numbers and symbols

Any Type of Symbols or Numbers may cause your domain downfall. So, Avoid using any of these. Only use simple keywords because they are easier to remember. But when we use Symbols in between Keywords, it makes a lot harder to remember for a long time.

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5. Using Your Name in Domain

Mostly Bloggers and Highfy Personalities Uses their Names in Domains. Because they create websites and blogs only to share some personal Interest or stories.

Recommended: – Not to use Your Name unless you want a personal website or blog. Also, those who looking to sell websites, are advised to use Content related keywords in the domain.

Where to Buy Domain Name?

I purchase all my domains from GoDaddy as they are the best domain name Providers. But you can also buy from Bigrock which will provide very good service.

So, which one you will like to choose?

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  1. hi dear
    such a very nice post these are imaging details and fact to choose best domain. real dear great article i have learn lots of things from here because i am daily visitor of your site but can you help me how i can get organic traffic on website. thanks for sharing and for inspire me.

    1. You should work on Off Page SEO to get Organic traffic, I have written many posts on SEO, you can read and learn easily.

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