The Secrets Revealed about Unlimited Web Hosting

The Secrets Revealed about Unlimited Web Hosting

When it comes to web hosting, “unlimited” doesn’t actually mean unlimited diskspace and bandwidth. Typically, when you check the fine print, you will realize that an unlimited hosting plan will allow you to add unlimited content but not all at once. You can only add the content in smaller amounts but at different times – not at once.


When it comes to web hosting, there is always a limit to diskspace and bandwidth, and add-on domains too. So why have so many hosts started promoting their services with the tagline “unlimited.”

Why it appears and how can it exist

Most web hosts are using the term ‘unlimited’ hosting as a mere strategy to sell their hosting plans. In other words it is an overselling strategy for services which more than meet your standard web hosting needs. But the underlying fact is that there is always an upper limit.

Is Unlimited Disk Storage And Unlimited Bandwidth Possible?

When you choose an unlimited hosting plan from a service like LinkedHosts , SiteGround,  you are getting access to unlimited resources as long as you don’t cross your standard limitations. So the fact is that there are certain limitations in such hosting plans and your website will always be bound by these limitations. Once you start crossing this limit, your website’s speed will start getting affected. Some hosts may even shut your site down (temporarily) if it exceeds a specific number of inodes. If you are looking to get SiteGround Hosting, then Click Here.

Is Unlimited Hosting Possible?

One of the underlying factors why some large and reliable hosting companies are able to offer unlimited hosting is because they have extremely vast hosting capacity that cannot ever be exceeded by just one site. It is also worth considering that most websites out there don’t require much resources for their regular operations. Such companies promote their unused resources with the message of “unlimited” hosting. In other terms, they are re-selling their unused web hosting capacities.

Is it worth trying?


So the question arises whether unlimited web hosting is worth trying or not. The answer lies in the quality and reliability of the web hosting service. You should compare all the hosting features available, including bandwidth, diskspace, number of domains and much more. Even when these companies are claiming unlimited disk storage and bandwidth, they have a number that you can ask them to put in front of you. For example, some companies could be offering a maximum storage capacity of 40GB and 5TB bandwidth.

Unlimited Diskspace – When a hosting company is promoting unlimited diskspace, there is nothing that is unlimited. It is simply saying that it offers your website disk storage that it can never consume entirely. A typical website will require something between 5GB and 25GB of space. Unlimited diskspace will thus mean that your site can take up as much space as possible, but it is still not going to exceed the limit of 25GB.

Unlimited Bandwidth – Similarly, there is a limit to the volume of traffic that your site receives every month. Some of the top web hosts offer bandwidths in Tera Bytes. And if your monthly bandwidth crosses the limit, the web host will still shut it down (but it will actually not happen because your site cannot see so much surge in traffic that it could cross a few Tera Bytes of bandwidth).

There is nothing that goes against selling “unlimited” web hosting plans. Take for example the case of these top-notch recommendations – LinkedHost, HostGator and BlueHost. They spent several years before they launched their unlimited hosting plans. Even when they are offering unlimited web hosting services now, they have servers which are among the most reliable and efficient. Besides, they have highly professional customer support.

  1. There is nothing like Unlimited Web Hosting, but still I appreciate your efforts. A big hosting with lots of resources is like unlimited, but not exactly the unlimited one.

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