5 Secret Of Ranking Your profile at Freelancing Site on TOP!

5 Secret Of Ranking Your profile at Freelancing Site on TOP!

Do you know? There are many freelancers who earn $1000+ per month from Truelancer only by completing client projects by using their skills. Have you ever thought how they are earning so much money from Truelancer? Their truelancer profile gets ranked at top by a specific keyword. That keyword matches their skills. Truelancer use some algorithm for ranking the profiles according to keywords, but no one know the exact algorithm that Truelancer use to rank profile, but I will tell you how to rank your profile for any keyword on Truelancer, so let’s start


Before you go read below tips I would recommend you to go to Truelancer.com and create a profile there, and choose your skills, upload your photographs, I mean complete your profile. If you have already created your account there then it is well and good.

Once you have completed your profile to Truelancer, then you are now in search of task, jobs, projects on truelancer.com. You will get more jobs on truelancer.com if your profile ranked at top with keyword. Now you need to apply the secret tips to rank your profile in Truelancer at top. Just in last month I applied this tips and I got 3 Projects (each project of $350 approx) in Android Development. Using these secret tips you can also rank your profile at the top and you will get many projects. You can rank your truelancer profile at the top in 24-48 hours for keywords like: “Website Designing”, “SEO’ and many more like this.

Here is tips are going to be live:

Note: Remember before going to apply this tips you should have a complete profile of truelancer.com with proper profile picture and description.

1.Create a Dummy Account on Truelancer

Create a dummy account on Truelancer and hire your original profile for five and six services at least. Try to give five out of five ratings and good review. For this you will lose only few dollars.

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2.Drive Visitors to your Profile

Try to drive visitors to your profile. If you drive real visitors then it will be cool, but if you can’t, then try to drive fake visitors to your profile as much as you can.

  • Send at least 200-300 visits to your profile page.

For sending visit use

  • Social Media (Facebook)
  • Your Blog
  • Say to your friend to visit your profile

This will boost your profile impression and will be more visible to persons/companies who are looking to hire freelancers.

3.Use accurate tags

Try to use accurate tag in your profile. If you are using accurate tags in your profile then you are guarantying your ranking in Truelancer.

Example: For SEO services “SEO”, “SMM”, “Link building

The above all tags are related to SEO services.

4.Know your competitors

Go to Truelancer and do some research on a specific keyword. For example your key skill is SEO, then

  • Go to truelancer.com
  • Click on Hire Freelancer
  • Type “Your Keyword” in search box

(Example: Type “SEO”)

Now Top profile related to keyword SEO will appear


Now analyze any two top profiles.

Now have a look on Rating and completed services by the freelancer who are appearing in top list.

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5 .Practical look

Let’s take profile of Pradeep Sharma and Satya Gussain




Here have a look on the some of the factors of Pradeep Sharma

Ranking: 2

Services Delivered: 5

Followers: 7

Feedback: 6

Rating: 5.0 Stars/6 feedbacks


Here have a look on the some of the factors of Satya Gussain

Ranking: 3

Services Delivered: 7

Followers: 8

Feedback: 6

Rating: 4.7 Stars/6 feedbacks


Satya Gussain is delivered more services than Pradeep Sharma. He has also more followers than Pradeep Sharma, both have same number of feedback. But Satya Gussain is ranking on third position and Pradeep Sharma is ranking on second position. Why so? Have a look on the ratings and Feedbacks

Pradeep Sharma 5.0/5.0(6Feedbacks)

Satya Gussain     4.7/5.0(6Feedbacks)

So Ratings and feedbacks are the main factor of truelancer profile ranking. So take some pressure on getting good feedback and rating.

  1. Hello Vikash, thanks a lot’s of for this one .. Really Great Article indeed. I want to test this one with me. But will it works for international Freelance Market Place like as Elance ? Please let me know. I am highly interested to do a test with me 😀

    Happy Bogging + Now Happy Freelance Works. Have a Good Week End

    1. Thank you for your valuable comment Tonmoy. I did not check this tips for Odesk or elance, but May be it will work, because If you get some dummy feedback and working hours then surely it will improve your status to get more job..

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