Meet Sandeep Garg Serial Entrepreneur & Founder of Shopoclick

Sandep Garg- Founder of Shopoclick

He is the founder of world first interpreted Chat, earn and shop app shopoclick. The Shopoclick mobile application is unique in nature. It provides an edge to the users by offering a complete eco-system where a user can do personal chatting with family & friends & earn points which in return can be redeemed against the purchase of products offered by the shopping tab integrated in the app.

Sandep Garg- Founder of Shopoclick

Q-Tell us something more about Shopoclick


Shopoclick is first chat, earn and shop e-commerce site and mobile app. User after downloading the mobile application from their respective app store/play store would register using its mobile number. Once registered, the application would automatically search for the contacts who already have the same application installed and show them as contacts available for chatting. The user can chat with other users on a one to one or on one to group basis. In both the scenario, users shall get one point per second for chatting on the application. That this chat application shall provide money/points which can be utilized/transferred as money by user to the other registered user to shop on our shopping platform available within the chat application. Here, more you chat more you earn and same money can be utilized on shopping platform of the company to do online shopping.

Q-There are already too many e-commerce sites in market then why did you decided to join e-commerce business?

I know there are too many e-commerce sites in India, but we still stand alone on certain yardstick. The idea behind foundation of shopoclick is the uniqueness of its concept. Let provide users with a service where he/ she can get monetary benefits for chatting and later on it can be redeemed to purchase any good of his/ her choice. The idea itself is powerful and fascinating. We usually spend lots of time to interact with each other via web then why not monetize those precious time for a wider benefit. This idea is the core foundation of shopoclick and I am sure user would love to entertain this unique privilege of chat and shop.

Q-Don’t you think it is risk to come into the league of already crowded market place?

No, not at all. We do believe that we are different. We are not just shopping e-commerce website. Our business module and customer approach strategy are something we are so proud of. We truly understand the need of our users and we try to serve them with the best of our services. And I am sure that we would soon create our niche.

Q-You seem engineer by choice and business man by passion. Tell us something more about your entrepreneurial ventures?

Yeah, it seems so. My entrepreneurial venture starts with my metal inspection firm Sandeep Garg & Company, which is doing metal scrap management and consultancy services. Later on I have found Sahara Mining which is indulged in Mining of iron ore in West Africa. It has also obtained mining licenses for different mineral like Gold, Bauxite, Manganese, Copper and Uranium. My third venture Sandeep Energy and Steel SA is a subsidiary of Sahara Mining Limited which intends to set up an integrated steel and power plant in West Africa. My other venture Codeitsoft ltd is providing various cutting-edge-technology solution.

Q- Tell us something about your future plans?

Over the coming years, I want to create a positive impact on the lives of many users through our unique services.

Q-How has the company been doing and how do you think the market will evolve?

The company is doing well. Our dedicated team is focusing on how to make our services better and viable for everyone. We are putting different strategies to reach out to customers and serve them with a never used facility which they would love to use.

The market for e-commerce is rapidly growing and I am sure over the years it will make a presence in even smaller cities. There is a countless opportunities of growth in coming years and we are planning to tap the positive energy of market via our services.

Q-As a successful businessman what would be your advice for the Young Entrepreneurs?

If you want to create something, then just go, get over and create it. Take risks and be prepared for bigger failure, but don’t let your dream fade out. Entrepreneurship is itself a journey so enjoy the every single up and down of it. Be firm towards your goal with passion, commitment and dedication and one day you will achieve the desired success.

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