The Indian Constitution is unique in its contents and spirit.despite having borrowed from almost all constitution of the world,it has several salient features that distingush it.

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As adopted in 1949, it has undergone a substantial change on account of several amendments, particularly 7th, 42nd,44th,73rd and 74th amendments. 

In fact 42nd Amendment act(1946) is known as Mini-Constitution due to large number of changes made by it in various parts of constitution.

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However Supreme court in Kesavananda Bharati Vs State of Kerala case (1973) ruled that the constituent power of parliament under Article 368 does not enable it to alter the basic structure of the constitution. It means you can’t change the basic structure of the constitution by whatsoever means.

Salient Features:

1-It is Lengthiest and Written Constitution

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Constitutions are classified into Written(like American) and Unwritten (like British)

Indian Constitution is lengthiest of all written constitution of the world. It’s a very comprehensive, elaborate and detailed document. This is such a unique constitution in the world having so many articles and schedules.

Originally (1949) it had 395 Articles(in 22 parts) and 8 schedules.

At Present(2016) it has 448 Articles(in 25 parts) and 12 schedules.

Amendments since 1951

Of course Indian constitution witnesses many amendments.

Deleted(-) : 20 Articles and one part(VII)

Added(+): 85 Articles,four parts(IVA.IXA,IXB and XIVA) and Four schedules(9,10,11 and 12)

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