In a Massive Retaliation, Russia Destroyed 355 ISIS Targets

In an aggressive retaliation Russian air force carried out air raids against oil sites for ISIS terrorist organization and destroyed more than 500 fuel tanks, ammunition’s depots, military equipment, training camps and factories for manufacturing explosives within last 48 hours.

Image via youtube
Representational Image via youtube

What the issue is?

Those destroyed oil tankers were deployed by ISIS to smuggle oil from Syria to Iraq. According to Russian defense spokesperson, 355 targets for ISIS were destroyed in the countryside of Aleppo. Russian air force, in cooperation with the Syrian air force, carried out 186 sorties against ISIS sites in Syria which destroyed collectively 26 command-centers, 35 depots, 28 fortified sites, 3 training camps, 8 explosive factories and 86 heavy-weapon stores for the ISIS were destroyed.

Representational image via youtube
Representational image via youtube

The Russian aircrafts carried out since 30th of last September 2289 sorties, destroying 4111 terrorist’s positions, including 562 headquarters, 64 training camps, 54 workshop for producing weapons and ammunition for ISIS.