Yup, this is reality. This paint will kill 99.9% of bacterial it comes in contact with. In a game-changing advancement in coatings technology, the Cleveland based paint manufacturer Sherwin-Williams unveiled this revolutionary new paint.

Representational image via badassphotoguy/ Pintrest
Representational image via badassphotoguy/ Pintrest

What the matter exactly is?

This new revolutionary paint is named “Paint Shield”. It is tagged as the first EPA-registered microbicidal paint which kills 99.9 percent of bacteria once it comes in contact with after two hours of exposure.

image via scrippsmedia.com

It is now considered as one of the most significant technological innovations.

Representational image via belloflostsouls.net

This paint will benefit many institutions like hospitals, schools, ships, public spaces and also will help to solve many health related issues.

(With some inputs from usatoday.com)

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