RevenueHits Review: Money Making Heaven for Bloggers

RevenueHits - Google Adsense Alternatives

Blogging is an art which gives you huge fame and money and that’s it is becoming such prolific career option these days. Many Youngsters are getting a lot out of it even before going into Colleges.

But, that’s also a truth that.. A lot youngsters are failing to get success in their blogging careers and the main reason behind their failure is “lack of monetization opportunities”. Because they can’t get an Adsense Account approved. So, they look into some Adsense Alternatives and then, literally quit blogging after they fail to find any alternative to Adsense.

But, Today I am introducing “Money Making Heaven for Blogger”. It is RevenueHits Ad Network. All those who can’t get the Google Adsense Account, can Apply for Revenue Hits and Make a very Good Amount of income from any kind of traffic.

Want to know more about this ad network? Let me explain it briefly.

RevenueHits - Google Adsense Alternatives

 What is RevenueHits?

Well, As i said, RevenueHits is one of the best AD networks which gives their publishers a great Opportunity to earn big from their websites. They have different kinds of ad inventory for every different site and traffic. So, in simple words, they will show advertisements of offers based on your site traffic, not according to advertisers., which will give you best chance to earn more.

Easy Account Approval

All those who feel irritated after applying many times for Adsense or other ad networks which have tough account approval process, Can relax now, because RevenueHits will not not put any extra load on your mind, as you can easily get an account from Ad networks and start making money with your blog. Their main motive behind giving quick account approvals, is to save publishers time and help them earn big. So, what you are waiting for? Go and Create your account.

Type of Advertisements

They provide all types of Ads including Banner (All Sizes), Slider, Pop Ups and Pop Under. You can easily monetize every part of your website. It depends on you which Ad type and size you want to use on your site to maximize your revenue.

You can simply choose ad unit, add a description to it,  and install it on your blog by pasting the ad code. It’s Super easy.

CPA Based Network

Most of you will be unfamiliar with CPA based network, because the majority of you use CPC or CPM ads. But RevenueHits is a CPA network, which means you will not be paid for Impression or clicks, instead, you will be paid for User action. In Simple words, Your Income from RevenueHits Will depend on “What actions user make on your site like Email submit or something like this”. So, you can easily make some $$$ from decent traffic on one day and make nothing with similar traffic on the next day. But, the overall concept is great as it will surely help you earn if your visitors are active enough on your site.

Quick Payments

The Minimum payment amount is $50 and you will be paid via PayPal, Payoneer or Wire Transfer. So, You can easily reach minimum threshold and get quick payment into your account.

So, what you are waiting for? Sign Up for RevenueHits


  1. HY Brother thanks brother for sharing this amazing and great information. I have daily 300 to 400 visitors on my website IT Tuts 2015 .Com can I earn money from Revenue Hits
    please help me

  2. hello sir i signup for revenuehits and also add ads to my site but not see any result after 100 pageviews no result untill

  3. Hi Atinder,
    Thanks for sharing such a great alternative.
    i will apply for RevenueHits thanks for Sharing

  4. Great network,

    been using them for over a year now.

    Get my payments on time, and they give me very good results.


    1. hi my friend that my first try to this website but i have earned 100 dollar how can i take it or i need to wait the next month because this month has finshed

  5. Hi Atinder,
    Thanks for sharing such a great alternative. When my Google adsense account got disable I was totally disappointed. But this give me a hope. I will try it and will share my experience regarding Revenuehits.
    With regards,

  6. Am the one of the follower of Atinder S Gill his posts always have valuable info. this article is good alternative for google adsense i will apply for RevenueHits thanks for the post

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