Why and How to Rename, Delete the Uncategorized Category

So, you are using WordPress CMS. I must say, you made a great choice by selecting WP, but when you install it on your hosting, you will face some tiny problems, which you might feel difficult to solve. One of those problems is, presence of default post, default comment and default category.

Although you can delete default Post and comment easily, by hitting the Trash Button, but deleting the Uncategorized category will not be possible, because WordPress added this category to avoid error on behalf of the editor.

In simple words, if an editor forgot to assign a special category to a specific post, then WordPress will publish that post in Uncategorized list. And as you know, it will appear in URL structure, in sidebar navigation and sometimes in Main menu navigation.

So, the question is, How you can get rid of default Uncategorized Category? Well, you may have tried hitting the delete button many times, but it will not work. Because to perform this action, you will need to change something in the default section. Still not getting it? Why don’t you use my below given Step by step Guide.

How to Delete the Uncategorized Category?

  • Click on “Settings“>>”Writing“.
  • Click at Drop Down list as given in the screenshot below and change Default Post Category.
  • Now, Again, go to dashboard menu and Click at “Categories” to get a list of all the categories of your blog.
  • Now, find the Uncategorized Category, click at “Delete” Button. It will ask you to delete the selected item permanently, Click “Ok” and you are done.

Now, we move on and get solution for our second question which is an easy one.

How to Rename Uncategorized Category?

I don’t think this question needs much explanation, because many of you already know “How to delete categories” , but for newbies who still have some confusion on this topic, below is the step by step guide which will take you through the process.

  • Click on Dashboard Menu and go to “Categories” Section.
  • Now, Find Uncategorized Category and Rename it by clicking on the Edit Button. You can write whatever Name you want, but remember to change the Slug as well.
  • You can change it to any name you want, but I will advise you to change it to “Other”. After changing the Name and Slug, click on save and you are done.

Note:- Only use lower case letters in Slug.

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So, that’s it. I hope this post “Rename, Delete the Uncategorized Category in WordPress” can help you. If you still have any confusion, feel free to ask via comments. And also, don’t forget to share this on Social Media.

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