How to Remove Blogger Navigation Bar


It seems that you are much worried about that navigation bar. Right?

Yes, I am talking about that Navigation bar located at the top of your default blogger template.

You might be searching that How to Remove Blogger Navigation Bar. Right?

Well my friends, removing that navigation bar isn’t so difficult. It’s very much easy to remove it.

You may also have noticed that this navigation bar is always available in default blogger templates and other third party blogger templates doesn’t contain it.

People find it look unprofessional that’s why they used to remove it when they gonna use any third party blogger template.


But friends, you should must know that the navigation bar is helpful to users like you as you can easily login to your blogger dashboard through that navigation bar located on the top of your blogger blog.

If you still wants to remove that navigation bar then you should must follow below steps. 😀

How to Remove Blogger Navigation Bar

1. Login to your Blogger account.

2. Select you blog and then Go to Overview >> Layout.

3. On Layout page, You will see a widget of ” Navbar ” as showing in the below screenshot. Click on Edit in order to remove that navigation bar from your blog.


4. When you will click on Edit then a pop up window will appear from where you can remove navbar easily.


5. As you can see in the above screenshot, Select Off when you will see ” Navbar Configuration ” window.

6. Now click on ” Save ” button and then click on ” Save Changes ” and then You are Done. 😀


I hope that it would be helpful to your while removing navigation bar from your blog. You only need to follow above easy steps correctly. Also must tell us in comment section that Does it worthy to remove navigation bar? Also must share this article with your friends If it will help you. 😀

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