8 Related Post Plugins For The WordPress Beginners

Today I am going to Share a List of “8 Related Post Plugins For The WordPress Beginners “ as you know wordpress is really amazing platform to run any website or Blog. WordPress provides some special facilities compare to Blogger hope you know very well about it if you are using wordpress to run your blog .  So, our today’s topic is Related Posts, remember some blogs there you have visited just like my own blog , you have seen some more guides or posts to read as a recommendation in end of post. This is best way to stop each reader for a long time on blog.  My today’s post is for those who are newbie in coding of WordPress or those who wants to save his/her time for use this feature.


Related Post Plugins For The WordPress Beginners :-

WordPress Related Post– WordPress related posts plugin is one of the most popular and useful plugin to generate related posts according to tags.  Let’s suppose if you have tagged 4-5 posts in “Earn Money” tag then this plug-in will fetch posts from currently used tag on post.

Contextual Related Post– It’s best plugin to Display a list of contextually all latest and old related post for current post. Here you can edit it by your choice to show no. of related post to display.

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin–  As this plugin name is telling about its self , this is another awesome plugin for related posts for wordpress . this shows posts and pages for reader relevant to current article. So, this is also a popular compare to all plugins.

Related Posts by Category – This plugins show related post in sidebar of page , it is really best if you wants to show relevant post with thumbnail on sidebar of current post, then you need to go with this plugin .

External Related Posts– External related post is another plugin but it provides all facilities which are given in all upper provided plugin , it is mixup here this plugin will show related posts according to your post title + category + tags +google search related blogs. It’s work is make relevant for related posts so, this can provide link from search engine of any blog .

Related Posts Thumbnails – If you always use some attractive images in your blog posts then you need to try this plugin. Because it shows thumbnails with related posts as you now thumbnails attract readers to read that post , by using this plugin you can customize the size of thumbnails and arrange of posts ,etc all these features are available here.

Darren’s Related Posts Plugin – If you are a professional blogger then I hope you now very well about Darren Rose , he is a great and another pro blogger. This is a very simple plugin which work on keyword to show related posts. It is best way to show related posts according to keyword without do any hard work.

Search Engine Related Posts– Search engine related posts plugin work according to search engine like Google or Bing ,Yahoo etc . it provides relevant posts to show in related post box . it work as a providing external links for another blog .

I’m recommending only these 8 plugin to use on your blog according to your need , always do work according to your choice because it provide us happiness after do any work . So, after putting this plugin I’m sure you will see some boost in traffic of your blog. In my study for blogging external link is most important to stop any reader on your blog for a long time , because when he will see relevant post from your blog then after his/her satisfaction he can join your mailing list or he can bookmark your blog,. Actually Google love it when some one starts bookmarking to your blog he will provide your more importance .

So, from Sharing this post my only Aim is- “Convert Visitors into Daily Readers”.

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