Surefire Tips To Reduce Your Blog Loading Time

Surefire Tips To Reduce Your Blog Loading Time

These days there many different factors included in Search Ranking Algorithm. One of those is Blog Loading Time. Recently, Google hammered many sites for taking too much time to load, they don’t wanna give Users a Bad search Experience.

Suppose you are a Reader and Looking to solve your problem, and the blog you opened through search is taking too much time to load, then what? You will wait a maximum of 5-10 seconds and then press the back button to open some other fast blog.

Surefire Tips To Reduce Your Blog Loading TimeSo, What it means? Readers can quickly run away from your blog, if you are not willing to Reduce your Blog Loading Time. And as I said Google will drag you down in the rankings, although it will have only 1% effect, but still enough for every Blogger. If you really wanna become professional in this business, then, you must work on this factor.

Now, What are those things which can reduce your Blog Loading Time?

Well, there are many things which you apply to your blog. You need to work on the design and remove all those things which takes time to load. Wait, let me explain it briefly, point by point.

How  to Reduce Your Blog Loading Time

#1 Blog Design

As you know the design of your Blog plays a major role in your success as a blogger. A good will have many qualities like attractiveness, Fast Loading, simple navigation, etc.. But one thing to remember, don’t ever go for very attractive Template which loads slower. I have seen many going for looks rather than speed. Don’t ever mistake this mistake, just make sure your blog theme is fast loading, then you can go for any other qualities. But I am not saying don’t think of attractiveness, what I am saying here, Keep everything in an equal proportion. If you do so, then you will be successful for sure.

#2 Optimize Images

Images play a vital role in attracting visitors to blog posts, but overuse of Images can really hurt as they will take lots of time to load, especially if they are not optimized properly. So, remember to compress Images before using it on your blog post and make sure you maintain the quality. Also, only use a maximum of 4-5 Images in a post. If you follow regularly follow these tips, it will surely reduce your Blog loading Time.

#3 Remove Unwanted Coding, Plugins, Widgets

You may be, one of those bloggers who love using Plugins, widgets or some extra coding to give some extraordinary look to their blog. If you are, then leave this habit as it can hurt your blog loading time. Remove all unwanted Plugins, Widgets and optimize coding for better blog speed.

#4 Avoid Too many Advertisements or Pop Ups

I know you wanna make money from your blog, but this doesn’t mean, you can fill your blog with Advertisements. You need to do it in a controlled manner.A few Ads will do it for you, if your blog has good traffic. But too many Adverts will not let you drive huge traffic. So, don’t over do it and Also, usage of Pop Ups can decrease your blog loading speed. So, minimize their usage.

So, these are some tips which will help you reduce Loading time of your Blog. Now, the question is How you gonna check it? Don’t worry, I mentioned 2 useful tools below, which will help you check loading speed.

How to Check Blog Loading Time / Speed?

Use any of the below given Tools to check Loading Time, If it shows Percentage more than 70%, then it is ok, but if it shows lower Number than this, then you are needed to work on your Blog Loading Speed.

  1.  Google Page Insight
  2. Pingdom Speed Test

So, that’s it for today. Feel free to ask any question via comment section regarding this topic.

  1. Hey Atinder S Gill,
    I have observed that, mostly WordPress themes and unwanted plugin widgets are taking too much time to load. There is WordPress plugin called Theme Authenticity Checker that helps us to check theme for any code that may affect our blog.

    I am agree with your fourth point, that using popup ads also increase blog loading time. Thanks for this great post.

  2. We use Gtmetrix and Google Page Speed Insights to optimize our website. I recommend a blog should be loaded in less than 2 seconds.Adding the scripts to the end of the body will help improve loading speeds.

  3. Hi Atinder, Thank you so much to Write this amazing Guide here!.
    Actually I’m using A Best Hosting so, mostly all things are available there as a service to reduce blog loading time. But your post provides these methods manually.

    Thanks 🙂

  4. Wonderful tips shared, Well the first thing to do for reducing the blog loading time is deactivate the unnecessary plugins and then make the theme simple and clean.

    Whilst we have always have to keep an eye on blog loading time to get more readers.

    1. Hello Akriti,

      First of all Thanks for Stopping here with your first comment on my blog. Yeah ! you are right in simple way if you have wordpress blog and wants to reduce blog loading time then We need to Deactivate unnecessary plugins , because it takes too much space and take much time in loading when someone visit your blog.

  5. Thanks atinder for this wonderful article… i was suffering from this problem as my sites was taking a hell lot time to load… after reading your article i made few changes to the way i was optimizing my images and design of my blog and results are already amazing.. though lot of work is still to be done on this… Keep the good work up.. Cheers.. waiting for more such helpful articles…

    1. I am glad it Helped you and thanks for your feedback Rajni
      Keep Reading, More articles are coming.

  6. I hate those sites which takes too much time to load. Specially when I’m browsing via mobile. You have shared some nice tips Atinder. I’ll also check my site’s speed on websites you have mentioned above.

    1. Thanks for your Valuable comment Fatima and Make sure you Optimize your Site for fast loading, daily visitors will surely increase.

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