How To Recover Windows 7 Account Password in 5 mins..!!

windows 7 password

Whenever we forgot our password of Computer, mobile phone or memory card we always try to find solution on Google but most of time we didn’t get any perfect and direct solutions to recover windows 7 password or remove memory card password but today at Onlyloudest we are going to share two easiest methods to recover windows 7 account password, we have a very good solution for you to recover windows account password at its best. thing which you require is a recovery drive of the windows account of which you have forgot the password.

windows 7 password

Requirements to Recover:

  • Two Windows 7 Account
  • One On which you have forgot password
  • Second with admin rights and access. The next

What You Have To Do Recover Of Your Windows 7 Account Password.

Method 1 :

If you have forgot or enter wrong password for your windows 7 account then you might have to reset/recover the password.

If you have forgot your windows 7 password then simply click on Reset Password, it will show you an option to insert your windows recovery drive. Simply insert the disk and follow the steps in the password reset menu.

Now you are able to login to your windows 7 account with your recovered password.

Method 2 :

Method 2, is for people who have no access to method 1(recovery drive).

For this method you should have one more admin account on your windows 7 which you can access. If you are able to access the account then you might follow us.

  1. Open control panel, In control panel click on user accounts.
  2. Click on add or remove user accounts, then click on user of whom you have forgot the password.
  3. It will open the user account settings; you simply need to click change the password (image below)

windows 7 password

  1. Now change the password of the account.

Tip: Always make an extra admin account whenever you install new windows.

Final Verdict

I think that my tutorial on how to recover windows 7 account password was helpful to you guys, If you still have any query related to above post then feel free to ask us via below comment box, we will surely help you also don’t forget to share the post with your friends on social networking sites.

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  1. Login with second admin account
    start cmd as admin type following command.

    net user (username) *
    Prompt you to type password twice

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