Reasons Why Password Manager Is Important

Reasons Why Password Manager Is Important

Password manager is a great tool to protect your password from getting hacked, but still many people don’t use it much and become the victims of data breach and identity theft.
With increasing cases of account hacking and an alarming threat of identity theft, it takes only a few seconds, your personal information gets into the wrong hands. Thus, aside from the fact that you had better learn about fraud alert for you to know if someone is trying to steal your identity, you must also consider using password managers so that the security of your account will be so much tight.  Here are some reasons why a password manager is important and why you should use it.

Reasons Why Password Manager Is Important

  1. Not good in creating strong passwords

A strong and secured password is considered as a 12-character long password with a combination of symbols, numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters.  There are very few people who create a complex and secured password. Majority of people are in habit of creating a password with their names, date of birth or location as these passwords are easy to remember. Password manager work on algorithms that automatically generate secured and complex passwords which are not easy to detect. Also, it stores those complex passwords so that a user does not have to memorize each of the passwords.

  1. Use of same passwords repeatedly

Using the same password for various accounts is a dangerous practice. People repeat same passwords because it’s not possible to remember different passwords for different accounts. This practice can open the gates for hackers to get access to multiple accounts and services and to steal personal and sensitive information from each account. Password manager enables you to apply different and unique passwords to each of your account and service, thus, minimizes the chance of getting password hacked. It also gives additional suggestions regarding your password strength and monitors password usage and alert the user when a good password is not used.

  1. Protects against phishing attacks

It’s one of the most common practices of hackers where they steal user’s login credentials. Hackers use phishing emails that seem to come from a genuine web service but are actually sent to capture your password. Through password manager, you can protect yourself from phishing attacks.

  1. Browser-based password management is not secured

Most browsers have a built-in feature of remembering passwords. These browsers claim that user’s password will be 100 percent secured, but the actual story is something different. Typically, these browser-based securities are not fully secured. They do not offer a strong security. There are chances that your password may get leaked if you fully depend on browser’s password security. Hence, using a password manager is a better choice to secure your password.

  1. Safely store credit or debit cards details

Passwords managers not only protect your passwords but are also used to safely store your credit or debit cards details, bank account details and other transactional credentials.

  1. It supports multi-factor authentication

In two-factor authentication, users are required to enter some additional texts or PIN codes which are sent to their registered mobile phone numbers. Password managers also provide multiple two-factor authentications and make your passwords more secure and protective.

To Sum It Up

Password managers are very important in today’s world to protect your login credentials, bank account information and credit card details.

After knowing the reasons mentioned above, I hope you, now, understand how important password manager is and why we should also use it. Consider the importance of it, and always protect your login credentials.

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