This particular issue has been trending for a long time. And it’s still unaddressed. And this issue is “How Can I Read My iBooks On PC- Windows”.

First things first, iBook application is only available on Apple portable devices. It doesn’t have any desktop version. However, books can be purchased and downloaded from iBook. This should be noted that the books which are purchased from iBookstore are available in a special format. Yes! You heard it right. 

Those books are actually in a common ePub format. Such books can be accessed by a number of desktop applications. Of course, you have to make some extra efforts to make them accessible to desktop. So let’s get started!

Guide to Read iBooks On PC Windows 7/8/10

Read iBooks On PC Windows

Transfer The Books To PC

First of all, you have to transfer the already purchased books from your Apple devices such as iPad or iPhone or MacBook, etc. To your PC. 

Syncing iBooks on Pc

The next step would definitely be the syncing process. You have to sync the iPad or iPhone to your PC along with all the correct options selected to copy the Books purchased from the iBookstore. You have to connect your PC to the iPad or iPhone with a USB syncing cable.

Then open the iTunes application. After opening iTunes, select the option between iPhone or iPad with extra care. If you click the upward arrow by mistake, this would disconnect the device from the iPad or iPhone. 

Then click on the “Books” option. Afterward, click on the option stating- “Sync Books”. Now there will be an option to either select and sync all the books by clicking “All Books” or you can just select the books you want to sync with the PC from iPad or iPhone. It’s very easy to switch between these two options. 

Then just click the “sync” button on the bottom of the screen of PC.  This will make all the books you have selected to sync with the PC in an accessible format from your Apple iPhone or iPad.

Locating the File

When the syncing process is ongoing, just wait for a while. Once the syncing process is complete, a “Done” button will appear on the screen. As you click on the Done button, it will return the screen to the regular iTunes menu. 

Then you must change the settings of the library on the PC. You can use the drop-down menu on the left of the screen. Select “ Books” from a number of other options. This will certainly be located in the middle of the screen.

  Then just do a right-click the Books’ icon on the screen of the book you want to read on PC. A number of options will appear. Then select the option “ Open with”. In that option just click on the option, “ Show in Windows Explorer”. 

The book will then open in windows explorer. You can do two things now. You can either copy the book to an easily memorable location at your PC or you can just copy or note the location of the book from the internet explorer.

You must take care of a few things while doing this. You must copy and not move the original book from its original location. Otherwise, moving the book from its original location may cause an error with iTunes.

Viewing the Book

As you have successfully synced and copied the books from iPhone or iPad. Now you should know how to open and read books. Since you have previously noted the location of the original book on your PC. Now you can just download any third-party application to read those books. There are plenty of such third-party applications on the web. Most popular are FB reader, Adobe Digital Editions, Calibre, etc.

Since the books purchased, downloaded, then synced and copied are in the ePub format, you can set the third party application for those formats. Most of these third-party applications are compatible with ePub format. So using these third party applications you can easily access your books.

Limitations of the iBooks

The procedure that has been mentioned above although works on almost all books purchased from iBookstore. But sometimes, very rarely these steps might not work. Chances are very rare but still, it can happen.

This may happen due to some reason. Maybe the third party application that you are using for reading books is not compatible with the format of iBooks. Then you may face problems opening the iBooks on PC. 

Additionally, all Apple devices and software possess very strong encryption and security features. Likewise, iBooks are also very protected. They have Digital Rights Management Protection applied to the books. 

Although, a number of third-party applications, claim to kill all Apple’s protection features. But somehow only a few have such power or ability to actually remove the protection. However, while removing the existing security features, may breach the copyrights of Apple. They may also break many IT laws that can be unsafe with respect to cybersecurity. These laws surely depend on the jurisdiction of the locality.

Keeping all such limitations in the eye, Apple is also trying to make the protection more and more powerful. Working in this field, Apple has created the titles of iBooks in a special format known as IBA format. In this IBA format, they use Apple Author Tool to create the title of iBook.

Although IBA format is strictly based on ePub format, still it is designed in such a manner that you can get access to iBooks only through Apple’s devices such as iPad or iPhone. They can not be accessed by any third-party application.

So it was all for this query “How Can I Read My iBooks On PC -Windows?” We are definitely open to your feedback. Because your feedback helps us to create more reliable and efficient content. If you have any other queries, please let us know. We will try our best to resolve all your queries.

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