How to proofread an Article to Avoid Mistakes

Writing Online as Freelancer or as Blogger provides freedom for everyone to Write feelings of their Mind in Words. We can Select Any place for Writing on whatever Topic on which we have Good Command.
It becomes part of Our Life . We can’t live without it.
But What About Mistakes we Make While Writing Articles ?

There are Some mistakes we Couldn’t find out while Reading our Article Twice. These mistakes can hurt our Article Ranking in Search Engine. So there is Some need of Proof reading the Article Before Publishing it.
Proof reading might Not Seem difficult thing But Finding Little Grammar Mistakes or Missing Single Words could be tricky And also it takes a Lot of Time if we don’t have Idea How to Find Mistakes ?
So we created a simple Step by Step Guide on How to ProofRead Article Effectively and Fast.

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How to Proofread your Writing

#1 Fresh Timings for Reading Article After Writing

Before Publishing Your Article You Can Take Some Time Off and then Come Back after Few Hours to Proof Read Article to Avoid Mistakes. Now , Question Is “Why we Can’t find Mistakes that time when we Finished Writing?”
It is the nature of our Mind, Tiredness lead our Mind to a Level where it couldn’t find tiny Mistakes But when it is Fresh , those Tiny Mistakes can be carried out Easily. So Always Hit the Draft Button After Writing Articles and then Come Back to check them again before publishing it.

#2 Check Punctuation and Grammar Mistakes

When We Write Articles in Post Editor our computer checks Wrong Spellings and Underlines Words Wrongly Spelled But there are Some mistakes where we used Wrong Words that mistakes computer can’t Find.
For Example:- If you have written “Their” Instead of “There” it Would be a Mistake But Computer’s Can’t Find this Mistake. So you have to read Full Article Line by Line.
There are Some Tools also Available online that will check paragraphs for Spellings. You can Use those Tools instead of Reading Full Article.

#3 Keep Repeated Lines and Words Low

Usage of Repeated Lines and Words is Very Common Among New Comers. Keep Repeated Sentences at low Level because it can make Your Visitor Feel Bore by Reading One Line Again and Again. Try and Put New Words in each paragraph which Makes it Interesting to Read.
Search Engine Robots Also Don’t Like Sites Repeating Single Line SO0 many Times.

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#4 Check Keyword Density

Keep Keyword Density in your Article Up to 3% as it plays Main Role in Calculating the Quality of Post.

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Importance of Proofreading :-

Proofreading of the Article has Lots of Importance specially when we are Writing Something for Guest Posting.
Posts with Lot of Errors in Spellings or Grammar Errors Can be Rejected .

Conclusion :-

Above Given Methods are Perfect to do Proof Reading Efficiently. There are Some more Things we can do to Remove Errors like we can make our Friends Read our Article. He Will Point out Errors Easier than Us.
But In the End these are Method We can use to Improve Quality of our Blog Content.

Do You Use Any Other Method to proofread ?
Tell us in the Comments.

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