5 Ways to Cross-Promote (Not Pollinate) Your Content on Social Media

5 Ways to Cross-Promote (Not Pollinate) Your Content on Social Media

How many blog posts are you writing in a month’s time? Whether you write for your own blog, clients’ blogs, or both, the number is quite high. And it’s time you thought about ways to get more mileage out of that hard work.

Cross-promotion of posts and articles is a strategy that many bloggers don’t think about. You write an article or post a piece on a blog or social media platform and then move on. You want the current followers on that platform to read it, like it, and share it. But you may not think about trying to bring in followers from other platforms – and you should. That is what cross-promotion is all about.

5 Ways to Cross-Promote (Not Pollinate) Your Content on Social Media

There are a couple of great things about using this strategy:

  • You don’t have to create new content – a great time saver
  • It doesn’t cost a thing other than you putting in place those things that will bring more readers to the content you have already published.


Don’t Be a Bee

5 Ways to Cross-Promote (Not Pollinate) Your Content on Social Media

Understand, however, that you are not a bee. Bees cross-pollinate. They take pollen from one flower and drop it elsewhere.

Cross promotion is not re-publishing the same content on several platforms. It is all about getting readers/followers to access yours or your clients’ other platforms and read the unique content you have there. When you do this, you are working much smarter.

If you are creating popular blog posts on your own or your client’s writing websites, and you have a great following, then increase that following even more through cross promotion. So, how exactly do you do this? Here are five ways.

Create Opportunity for Readers to Move Across Platforms

You probably already use share buttons on the posts you write. This allows readers to share your content with their communities. But this does not allow readers to access your other content on other platforms.

5 Ways to Cross-Promote (Not Pollinate) Your Content on Social Media

You have to design your post/article for them to do this. It can be done by social tabs and links to your other content sources. And you can promote and provide links to those other pieces right in the text of your current post or article.

Whenever you write something that relates to a topic you have written about on another platform, make a reference/CTA with a link, along with a statement that they will probably be interested in the other piece.

At the end of any post or article, invite your readers to follow you on other platforms with buttons or links for them to do just that. You can also promote specific related posts or articles with links.

The idea is to generate more traffic to all of your platforms. And if all of your posts are original and unique, those readers can share the new content they have found with their friends as well.

Create Sharing Agreements with Other Websites

You may already do this as well. You may have agreements with other bloggers to post each other’s content, providing an additional market audience.

You can go beyond just the “guest blogging” concept, however. You can secure bilateral agreements to post mentions with links in each other’s content as well.

5 Ways to Cross-Promote (Not Pollinate) Your Content on Social Media

Just a few reminders as you pursue this route of content promotion.

  • If you are new or your client is new to the niche, you will probably not get reciprocal agreements with those who are considered influencers or those who maintain popular and well-known blogs (think Huffington Post writers). It will take time for you to establish a reputation as a creator of great content and as an expert.
  • Start with smaller blogs, but be certain that they are reputable. Nothing is worse for your reputation and for overall SEO rankings than to put yourself out there as being associated with “spammy” blogs or a blog that does not at least indirectly relate to the topics of your blog or to your client’s product or service. Start small but look for quality.

As you gradually build a portfolio of where you have posted or been mentioned, you can then begin to promote your content with more popular blogs.

It’s important, because of the absolute flood of content out there these days, that you get mentions on as many websites and social media platforms as possible.

Marketing professionals and advertisers know that viewers need to be exposed to an ad many times before the brand name begins to sink in, and the target market begins to have at least a subconscious recognition of it.

A final hint: If you want to appeal to the “big boys,” you need to be certain that your social media profiles are creative, engaging, and perfectly written.

Connect Email Campaigns with Social Media

5 Ways to Cross-Promote (Not Pollinate) Your Content on Social Media

If you have an email subscription list, then you are probably sending out your posts to your subscribers, along with special offers and other such things, if you are or write for an e-commerce business. How are you getting new subscribers and how are your current subscribers being made aware of your social media platforms?

When you send out emails and attach a blog post you have written, are you inviting your subscribers to visit your social media pages? You should be promoting any content you are posting on other platforms. You may be posting inspirational or humorous content on Instagram, and they should know about it. This is stuff they will connect to and are likely to share.

The opposite is true as well.

On your social media platforms, you should be inviting followers to sign up for your email – every so often at least. You can link to a subscription form in your Instagram bio or via a separate comment. Your Facebook posts can invite subscribers too. Chances are, if people like the content you are posting and want more of it, they will fill out that easy (and it needs to be easy) form to become a subscriber.

Promote Your Social Media Channels on Your Web Page

Bloggers tend to focus on driving readers/viewers to their clients’ blogs with teasers and links on all of those clients’ social media accounts. The reverse should be a standard practice as well.

Go through a client’s full website. Most likely there are sharing buttons for visitors in various places, not just on the blog. Again, this is a good thing, but when you have posted great content on that client’s social media platforms too, you want to drive traffic to those platforms.

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Those buttons that say “Follow Us on Facebook (or Twitter, Instagram, etc.) are certainly a good start.

However, if you have a post that relates directly to information on the site, there should be a link to that specific post.

For example, there may be a section on the site that speaks to the company’s social responsibility. If there is a video out there on Facebook that shows an event in which company staff participated, then there should be a link to that video.

Use Real-Life Events to Spread the Brand More Effectively by Telling Stories

Storytelling is one of the best draws for readers/viewers. Don’t just use one venue for such storytelling. Use them all. Feature staff members; feature customers; feature the company’s good works; feature the production process.

5 Ways to Cross-Promote (Not Pollinate) Your Content on Social Media

There are plenty of stories to tell, and there are plenty of ways to cross promote those stories. Having them featured on all platforms and cross promoting them will help “cement” the brand and ensure that it is spread more.


Spreading a brand for yourself or for a client takes some thought and ingenuity. Using cross-promotion is only one tactic in a larger strategy, but it is highly effective if done well.

The goal is to create great content, of course. The other goal, however, has to be a continual increase in readership of that content.

If you can bring in readers from your other platforms, and if that content is amazing, they will share it with their communities. As the net widens, so do your opportunities to generate leads.

Remember, you are not a bee. Content on each of your platforms must be unique, and you can then use these 5 tips to cross-promote.

And best of all? It doesn’t cost a dime.

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    Great post indeed. I have joined a platform which is for cross-promotions only. IT is working fine for me but I guess we need to be more active before we see any results from any website.

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    For example – For an beauty shop Instagram and Pinterest is must because it’s used by women. They should focus on these platforms rather than focusing 100% on Facebook or Twitter.

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