Top 5 Ultimate Productivity Apps for working professionals

Productivity Apps

We all spend too much time on our smartphones and laptops. Don’t we? 

It’s very difficult & unavoidable because we live in a world connected & dependent on technology.

Technology has changed the world in ways we can’t even imagine, as we know it. Technology allows us to connect, work, improve and leverage our resources beyond one’s imagination.

So, if we’re going to rely on technology, why not take advantage of it. 

Top 5 Ultimate Productivity Apps

Here is a list of 5 apps that will save your time and resources, and ultimately help you become more productive. Get ready to go!

  • MagTapp
  • CamScanner
  • Zoom
  • Trello
  • HelloSign


Empowering lives to bring out the best in you!!

  • Do you have trouble finding the webpage of a location or your favorite website you bookmarked from the list of 100’s of bookmarks in your web browser app?
  • Are you scared that your English diction might be a hindrance to being selected in an interview? 
  • Does looking for your online documents and editing them on your mobile a hassle?
  • Do you find it better to save your ideas and thoughts by noting them down?

MagTapp offers a solution to all these problems in one Single App!

MagTapp is one of the best apps that would always come to your rescue. 

One Tap :

It’s Unique Selling Point (USP) is its One Tap feature which allows you to read, write, share, save, discover anything within a second just by simply tapping once. Isn’t that just amazing!

Imagine the amount of time you waste & the n number of Applications you use to achieve all that. 

MagTapp ensures you won’t ever need any other application ever!

Chatbot :

With its MagBot Feature, you have the ability to select any English word from a text – online or offline with One Tap & immediately get its meaning in your local language along with a beautiful image for context. 

  • Just make sure the MagTapp mode is enabled first. It works similarly if you type any word in the Magbot .
  • Not only that, every word meaning is supplemented with an audio pronunciation of the word and explanation so that the user perfectly understands the diction and the correct usage of the particular word in a sentence.

Document Saver & Editor :

MagSaves is another extraordinary feature that helps you read & edit any document type including PDF, WORD, PPT, XLS with ease.

  • With the MagTapp Mode disabled, feel free to copy, paste, underline, highlight, strikeout any word & much more all in One Tap.
  • Now you don’t have to worry about last-minute additions to your presentations in early morning meetings since you can easily edit them in MagDocs on the go.


MagNotes is a very handy feature if you like noting down thoughts, ideas, addresses, images, etc. 

  • It also has an inbuilt voice recorder so you can make notes even when your hands are full.

Reading Mode 

In alignment with that thought, MagTapp has incorporated a Music feature in its application, which lets the users listen to music while reading any online/offline document. 

Hence, further elevating the browsing experience for the user by helping him/her relax while reading their favorite content during their pastime.

There can be nothing more you can ask for, but MagTapp never fails to surprise its users with their exciting features. 

Isn’t it too good? Why not give it a try?

Download now from the Google Playstore. Exclusively for Android Users!


Mobile Scanning On The Go!

Why wait for those old school, crappy scanners to scan your document while you are just waiting and looking at the giant computer screen to get it finished?

Now, this process is becoming too boring and here is the best solution to it.

  • Quick & Intelligent solutions for document management on all devices, starting from capturing documents & info precisely to storing, sharing, annotating and managing documents for different purposes.
  • It makes the content easily accessible, getting them organized and collaborate efficiently.
  • Smartphones have not only replaced most point-and-shoot cameras, but the cameras in smartphones can also replace most of the functions of two other technologies, scanners and photocopiers, once they are paired with the right app.

Cam Scanner is that app. 

With it, you’ll be able to

  • take photos of a multipage document, 
  • order the pages, turn it into a PDF and then save document to Dropbox, Google Drive,, Evernote or SkyDrive or wherever you want. 
  • Or, you’ll be able to simply print it or email it.

It’s fully traditional and comprehensible for users to run into a range of queries.

Many of you might not have noticed, but they do have a FAQ section, where you can very possibly find answers to your questions.

  • Once you open CamScanner, simply go to the left sidebar. Under Settings, you will see Help, where most frequently asked questions are listed by category.
  • The FAQ section covers most of the essential queries you’ll have, including downloading and purchasing the app, registering an account, sending and sharing documents, synchronizing/backing up data, etc.
  • Instead of watching for a response from their client service/support team employees or social network accounts directors, you could simply find answers to your questions in the FAQ section and save document yourself a great amount of time.

This nifty document scanner app turns any smartphone into a scanner and an intelligent document management tool

Document Scanner :

Simply great for all those moments when you’re on the go and unable to access a scanner immediately. Just take a photo of the document you want and CamScanner turns it into a PDF. That’s it.

Document Saver

If you have multiple documents to send, the app allows you to batch them all into one file. 

Editing :

A nice feature of this app allows you to reshape/resize borders and crop images. You can stop hoarding receipts and unnecessary paperwork and digitize your files in a snap.

So try and find the magic!


When long-distance bothers you…

How amazing it would be when you are sitting in Mumbai and managing all of your business in Kerala while not physically being present there!

In a world where remote working is getting more popular, it’s time to take a hard look at the traditional business model of having all workers present in the office. 

Maybe the best person to lead your sales team doesn’t live in the same part of the country.

Video conferencing calls expands your pool of potential talent from thousands or millions of people to billions.

Having that kind of reach – combined with the ability to offer any potential candidate the possibility of having a job from home – significantly increases your chances of finding the most talented individuals.

In an era where you can communicate with someone 2,000 miles away face-to-face with such clarity, and you can use a host of project management and file-sharing services, the world has now become your talent pool.

So how zoom works?

  • Just create an account on zoom. Now you can send a link to your instant meeting via any means you like or you can start a one-click meeting via Zoom chat. Scheduling meetings becomes less of a logistical nightmare when your attendees can just click to join.
  • In addition to instant gratification, meeting from home can be easier for your job candidates. They no longer have to travel to you just for the long shot of getting the job. They can be in a comfortable, familiar location. 
  • You can access the computer/ mobile of your employee and fix it if any problem arises
  • By meeting through video, you also get the added benefit of reducing the costs of both the company and the interviewee. And a higher chance of smooth interviews reduces the amount of time that it takes to find the right person for the job.


Tons of work to do and a hectic work schedule and there is not any reliable solution to manage it in a proper way. Oh, it always sucks!

Is there any way to manage these all works in a proper manageable schedule?

Yeah, Trello is here to rescue you.

Cards :

Trello permits you to form Cards to trace tasks. These are placed on Lists, which organize Cards and can be used to mark stages of progress. 

  • Multiple Lists then fit together to form a Board, representing a single project design. 
  • Trello can be used to track almost anything, whether planning your family Christmas, managing a development team or running a business – or even just for keeping track of notes or CVs.
  • Example: You’re using Trello to track your to-dos for a Christmas party. Then you might create a board called “Christmas Party”. You create cards for things like “buy a turkey” or “decorate the house,” and you move the separate tasks from a column “to do” to “doing” to “done”.

It is greatly a tool that demands plenty of respect, like Evernote. It permits the user to travel terribly deep on each piece of content that you just create among them.

Boards :

 If you want to get an idea of Trello, imagine Pinterest & Evernote blended together. 

It is a board primarily based web site that enables users to feature “cards” and convey them across “lists”. 

It is a very strong tool once you get won’t to delivery in one thing to your system sort of a task (card) and creating relevant lists and boards for this activity.

Monitoring :

Trello is perfect for teams and especially individuals who want to monitor details and activities within an organization or their own workflow.

So now don’t bother when it comes to managing your hectic workload. Just organize it properly with the help of Trello.


Autograph, please?

Need to sign a document—or dozens of them? 

Don’t print them out, pull out a pen, and then scan the signed documents. Because it is just too cumbersome to do. 

Instead, use HelloSign. It will help you sign every page that needs your signature in a few clicks. Isn’t it so simple? 

  • Sometimes getting documents signed can be a real headache and here HelloSign truly comes to your rescue.  And it is so simple to use.

 Digital Signature

  • Just draw your signature on HelloSign’s mobile apps, or type your name and let HelloSign generate a signature.
  •  If you’d prefer, then click each signature field to add it. You can make template documents in HelloSign, too, so you don’t waste time in Word making new contracts and agreements every time you need someone to sign something.
  •  HelloSign helps to alleviate the frustrations with the process and provides you a great app to help get signatures.  
  • You can sign a name directly on the surface of the smartphone or you can use a stylus pen. 
  • HelloSign works great with your other web apps, too.
  •  It’s integrated with Google Drive backup so you can send documents to get signed as soon as you make them. 
  • Add its Gmail extension to sign documents from your inbox. 
  • If you need to fax the signed files, don’t pull out an old fax machine—HelloSign’s companion HelloFax app can fax the signed document free for up to 5 pages a month. 

So why wait, just try it.

When it comes to productivity apps, you’re practically inundated with options. 

A lot of modern workplaces rely on these apps to coordinate their workflow management, so you’re probably already familiar with some of them.

In this blog, we introduced a lot of options, and they all can help improve your productivity in different ways.

Your professional productivity should skyrocket after using these apps. 

If you want to know my opinion, Magtapp is one of my most favourites and would definitely recommend giving it a try!

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