“Prince Banega BB9 King” Trending with 210k+ Tweets


Prince Narula who is the first Man to reach the Grand Finale Week of Bigg Boss 9 is trending on Twitter with 210k+ Tweets. He has Broken the Record of Gautam Gulati who was the most popular Contestant last year.


"Prince Banega BB9 King"

Here are some of the best tweets of the day for Prince Narula:-



It is very clear that, prince is being supported by a huge number of Indians and he has a very good chance of winning Bigg Boss season 9 with a good margin of Votes.




Prince is winning the hearts of India Audience like crazy and that’s why he is trending from almost 24 hours and it is still going strong.  It has already broken all the records, but Prince Fans are still not satisfied with this, they want to set a new record, that anyone will dare to broke.

Stay Tuned for more updates on “Prince Banega BB9 King” and latest Tweets on Prince Narula.

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