10 Primewire Alternatives: Watch TV & Movies Online Free

10 Primewire Alternatives: Watch TV & Movies Online Free

Movies are something very amazing when we think of the assets that can help us get rid of the boredom posed by our monotonous lives. They can add salt in this uneasy and distasteful life. Primewire Alternatives has always proved as a key to unlock all the fun and entertainment that we have been forgetting to add on in our occupied and fast-paced lives.

Workload and daily routines are making us vulnerable to stress and anxiety. We are becoming so serious and humorless that we are forgetting to live our lives to the fullest. Watching movies or Tv shows enhance the person’s perceptual skill rather than just rotting himself or herself in completing the daily tasks.

When our brains are exhausted utilizing all the mental ability to produce the best work, Movies are something that helps restore the functional capacity by providing fun and chill to our lives.

Primewire Alternatives is probably the most vulnerable option to choose when it comes to watching movies or online streaming the videos for free. It is no doubt a very popular site that experiences huge traffic of users surfing the most wanted movies that they have been waiting to watch.

But when we talk about the online streaming site they come and go! We can’t just rely on the only option we think we have as a way to the movies that we crave for.

After being a dominating platform to provide the fun doses to its users Primewire has been shunned due to some controversial issues. In this sitch, we just cannot let our users sit back in dismay just because one option has been shut down.

So check out the list of amazing websites below and begin with the fun!

Top 10 Primewire Alternatives to Watch TV Streaming

  1. Vudu
  2. Crackle
  3. Popcornflix
  4. Prime Videos
  5. solar movies
  6. 123 Movies
  7. Yify
  8. Niter
  9. Vumoo
  10. Yes Movies

1. Vudu

vudu Primewire Alternatives

Vudu, the name known for its paid service but it solely depends on the visitors that if you can bear ads of 30 seconds then you can of course watch the movies without spending a single penny.

There are numerous chartbusters movies waiting for you to watch. The site is worth visiting if you are thinking of Primewire Alternatives.

This site requires registration of the user so as to give access to its visitors to the multitude of movies available to this site.

If you are from the US then it might be a little disheartening for you as this site doesn’t work there. But, there is no need to worry you can try the other options listed below.

This site not only offers movies but also the most popular Tv series and shoes that every TV lover craves for. Like, La La Land, Batman Forever, and  Caddy shack to name a few!

2. Crackle

If you are really looking for a good Alternative to Primewire then we must recommend you try your hands on Crackle.

This site contains a lot of movies produced by Sony Corporation.

You need to register first in order to get through the content of this site. 

It helps you stream movies, TV shows, and series for free.

One of the plus points of using this site is that this not only allows you to stream videos but it also permits the user to listen to exclusive songs.

Thus there is always a way to virtually meet the movie star that you fancy the most.

You can even save your movie to watch for late use.

This site is almost free of any ads or popup windows so that you can binge-watch your favorite movies smoothly.

3. Popcornflix

Popcornflix provides a sea of content to its visitors so as to confuse them from where to start.

We can really miss out on this site when we talk of the best sites to stream videos other than Primewire Alternatives .

It offers a plethora of movies, TV shows and series to pick from.

One of the best things about this site is that you can watch dozens of blockbuster movies free of charge.

You have a whole list of genres to choose from. Say you can pick anyone from romance, thrill, comedy, etc. to add on to your entertainment. It always shows the IMDb rating so that the users can get the idea that which content is creating a buzz in people’ mind

4. Amazon Prime Video

 My personal favorite site and the name that always popups in my mind when someone asks about the alternatives to Prime wire.

Amazon Prime has created a fizz nowadays due to its terms of providing good services to its users.

It has an ad-free interface that aims at providing the best platform to stream videos that are too hustle free.

There are thousands of movies, TV shows, and series waiting for you to stream them.

Of course, you have heard this that not only offers its users to binge-watch good quality content but also lets the user shop for the goods they want with delivery faster than other applications.

If you are a new user then you will get 30 days free trial so as to enter into the world of movies.

5. Solar Movies

10 Primewire Alternatives: Watch TV & Movies Online Free

Solar movies are another very good site to stream online videos for free.

It is no doubt one of the best platforms when it comes to naming Primewire Alternatives.

It offers a vast multitude of options to choose from. There is a huge diversity of genres and you can pick what you want.

It serves users of almost every country around the globe.It is an Organised and handy site providing an easy to use interface.

You can choose from the categories of content and can buy yourself a good me-time.

So, if you are really a movie lover do check out this site.

6. 123 Movies

10 Primewire Alternatives: Watch TV & Movies Online Free

Another very good option to choose if you are looking for  Primewire Alternatives.

This site enables users to stream online videos so as to get some respite from their monotonous routines.

You can always find a section displaying the categories that the site offers to its users.

You can keep yourself updated with the freshly brewed content so that you can never miss out on something really amazing.

The site has a straightforward design to provide its users with the ease to get through all the fun stuff available.

7. Yify


Yify is another very good site proving its worth when we talk about Primewire alternatives.

It offers a handsome list of content to the users so that they can choose the right amidst the huge collection of stuff available.

You will love this platform if you are searching for a free platform to find and watch your favorite movies, TV shows, and Series. It offers an option for the video quality so that you can set the quality and have fun as per your ease.

The movies and other stuff are arranged as per the alphabetical order keeping in mind to provide the best to the users.

8. Niter


Niter is a must-visit site for the movie-buffs. You will enter the house of the cinema as soon as you visit the page.

You can either stream the videos online or can download them for later doses of fun.

This is a completely free site aimed at charging nothing to its beloved users.

All you are expected to do is click the watch now button and you are all set to go!

There is a section displaying IMDb ratings, sorting them by their release year so that you can keep yourself updated with the latest ones.

So if you are looking for another best Primewire Alternatives then you must try Niter!

9. Vumoo

10 Primewire Alternatives: Watch TV & Movies Online Free

Vumoo provides the users with the latest collection of HD quality videos so that you can always get the best.

It has dozens of genres for you so that you can never feel disheartened because of the limited availability of content.

So not happy with Primewire, just switch to Vumoo and sit back and relax! The rest of the work Vumoo will by itself.

It displays the latest trending videos so that the customers never miss out the real entertainment.

10. YesMovies

10 Primewire Alternatives: Watch TV & Movies Online Free

The name speaks it all, YesMovies is one of the most dominating platforms when it comes to thinking of alternatives to Primewire.

It is an Indian torrent website that not only offers just movies but also top-rated TV shows and series.

What else do you need?

This site will make you fall in love with the services it provides.

You must try this interface if you are no longer interested in using Primewire then go with Alternatives.

Been through all the preferences? Then what are you waiting for? Just cling to your PC and check out all the options we have tried to put in for you and be ready to land on the planet of your favorite movie-stars with your favorite snacks of course!

Have a happy and useful cinema!

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