10 Photo Editing Apps for iPhone (iOS)

Photo Editing Apps for iPhone

Technology has gone to a new level and Smartphones played a major role in that. These days only a few old guys won’t have a Smartphone (either Android or iOS). They are rocking the world, even Desktop PC, Laptops are going out of date. As we have written in our previous post that Popular Social Networks in the US are mostly used on Mobile devices. So, it is clear that Android and iOS taking technology to its peak.

Coming quickly to the point, Smartphones also changed the fate of Handy Cams or Cameras. Due to the Smartphone’s High-Quality cameras, photo capturing has become a lot easier. Nowadays People use to click images where ever they go and one other thing they like to do, that is editing.

In the last few years, Photo editing was an Art can only be done by experts of Photoshop, but with time it has grown immensely and nowadays you can edit photos on Your Mobile devices. So, that’s why we are writing this post on Photo editing Apps for iPhone (iOS). You can also use these apps on Android also. So, let’s start with the list of applications. Just select anyone according to your needs and download.

Best Photo Editing Apps for iPhone (iOS)

Photo Editing Apps for iPhone

#1 Adobe Photoshop Express

It is one of my favorite apps but losing its popularity day by day due to tough competition. It was very famous in the last few years as it helps you enhance your images perfectly. You can apply extraordinary effects to your photos with ease. Also Cropping and Rotating can not be easier.

#2 Picsart

There are no better apps than this one. Picsart is one of the best in this arena. It allows you to do whatever with your images, including Cropping, Rotating, Effects, Red-eye removal, colorization, watercolor, etc.. There are many more image editing features it has which we can not write here because the list is very long. It also lets you share your photos on social networks. So, a must need an application for you. Especially for those who love giving special effects to their images.

#3 Instagram

Instagram is another app that comes to our minds when we think of image editing. It is getting popular every day. Recently, Facebook paid a huge amount to buy Instagram. In the beginning, it was just built to take photos, edit them and share it with your friends, family, and followers. But these days, it is much more than that and Facebook company is continuously working on it to make it much better. So, a must-download the app for you.

#4 Cinemagram

With this application, you can do much more than image editing. It allows you to create moving photos, animation, etc.. To get animation, you need to record a video clip and then, select a short portion of that clip to turn it into Animation. You can also edit that video clip to give special effects.

#5 Piclab HD

Another App with premium features. If you like to create memes, unique posters then this app is the best one for you. It also has beautiful images effects, saturation effect, light adjustments, etc.. You can also do layer-based editing with this application.

#6 Snapseed

It has a bit different interface, but quite effective as they have all the features which will help you give a special touch to your photographs. It also has some of the unique adjustment features which you will love to use.

#7 Photo Editor by Aviary

An easy navigation application with one touch effect. You can rotate, crop, enhance, illuminate, sharpen an image with a single touch. Many More features are waiting for you. So, just go for it, totally free to download and use.

#8 Hipstamatic

This app tries its best to challenge Instagram and somehow succeeded too. It has quite some features which Instagram provides. You can try this app, it might be best for you according to your needs.

#9 Pixlr-o-Matic

Another Application built to work two jobs. It can help you edit your photographs and then, share it on social networks. You can do whatever you want with your images, like resizing, saturation, framing, etc..

#10 Pixlr express

It provides all basic features an image editing app needs. You can do cropping, cleanup using healing brushes, give lightening effects with a single touch. One of the best things available in this app is a color adjustment.

So, these are the best Photo Editing Apps for iPhone (iOS). If I missed any application, you can suggest via comments. Also, don’t forget to share this post on social networks.


  1. Hi Atinder, I have instagram and after photo app. And I use more of second one than insta. As am not quite handy on the same. Thank you so much for sharing the info. I will definitely look after πŸ™‚

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