The List of Philips Universal Remote Codes & Features

I have a multifaceted joke, but I can tell it only, with Philips Universal Remote?

It will only work if you have Philips Universal remote codes.

Technology has become immanent in this world, it has expanded its reach with each page torn out of the calendar.

 Now, whether you are a geeky tech-savvy individual or not, you can program things comprehensively, without tearing your hair, and without knowing how to code.

Universal Remotes

Every inch of a house now has a technological device, something you roll your eyes at because you can’t set them and wished that your mobile could control all. Well, the mobile didn’t but universal remotes definitely do it! 

These remotes are the pandoras of hope. They can control VCRs, cable boxes, satellite boxes, computers, amplifiers, to name a few. 

These remotes are either Wi-Fi enabled or LCD touch screen or equipped with radio frequency to even transmit waves across the obstacles like walls and cabinets.

Philips Universal Remotes Features

The List of Philips Universal Remote Codes & Features

Philips, a one-stop for every automation problem. The company promotes its products and services as leverages advanced technology and deep clinical and consumer insights to deliver integrated solutions. The company promises,

“ At Philips, we strive to make the world healthier and more sustainable through innovation.”

The Philips Universal Remotes are one of the top competitors in this arena, it supports almost everything- Blu-ray player, cable, DVB-T, DVD, DVDR-HDD combo, SAT, TV, and VCR.

 You can easily set it up with some specific codes and you will be ready to cherish the experience of using everything with just one device. It’s number of keys range from 14 to 49, depending on the model. 

The Remote has an inbuilt newfangled feature, SimpleSetup which develops a simpatico relationship between the product and the users, making it intelligible for nearly every age group. The remote supports the following languages – EN / FR / DE / NL / DK / SV / NO / FI.

 Philips Universal Remote can be identified as the universal remotes with radio frequency. Its infrared transmission angle lies between 45 to 90 degrees, with an operating distance of 33ft or 10m.

 The carrier frequency range lies between 24 to 55 kHz and it has over 800 to more than 1200 number of brands in its database. 

Philips Universal Remotes are immensely user- friendly, with a responsive design that has a soft touch and backlit buttons. The Universal Remotes are like an ice-cream scoop that fits perfectly in your hand without any difficulty and you can do the task at your comfort.

Significance Of Philips Universal Remote

  • The Philips Universal Remote can be programmed to control multiple devices of your choice, from your favorite TV brands to the satellite boxes. There are tons of devices it can be connected with and run for your viewing. 
  • The SimpleSetup is a unique feature that Philips offers its customers to enhance their interaction with their devices and to smoothen and overcome the complexities that people face while setting up the technological devices.

 The SimpleSetup is implemented by following just three simple steps. Firstly, the brand code for a particular device needs to be looked up and entered into the Universal Remote. 

Then, the on/off button has to be pressed until the device goes off. 

Lastly, the customer needs to check whether all keys are working or not. If they are, then you are good to go!

  • The product has been certified as a Green Product by the Royal Philips Electronics. This means the product will be 10% more efficient on every sustainable goal than its competitors.
  • Its structure is another attractive feature that always catches the customers eyes. It is not too small and hence will not get lost in between the cushions, now your hands would not have to go into the depths of your couches on a quest.
  • Philips has always aimed at providing its customers the best, and therefore the remotes even come with a feature where you can have five of your most desired functions from your original remote of the device. For instance, you can transmit the parental lock onto your new remote as well.

Philips Universal Remote Codes

Philips Universal Remote Codes

There are different codes for every device and even for the dominating TV brands. These codes are listed below.

Philips HDTV Codes : 

There are separate codes for Sony TV, Samsung, and LG. 

Sony TV0414, 0902, 0801, 0708, 0639, and 0816
Vizio TV0709 and 1702
LG codes0002, 0606, 0502, 0102, 0117, 0814, 0324, 0435, 0802, 0307, 0609 and 0217
Samsung codes0112, 0309, 0209, 0512, 0302, 0502, 0002, 0102, 0110, 0818 and 0895

For setting the HDTV codes, first, the ‘Setup’ button needs to be pushed followed by the ‘TV’ button and then the SimpleSetup steps are to be followed.

Philips Cable Box Codes :

Motorola0552, 0148, 0952, 0453, 0654, 0754, and 0048
Time Warner0252

In the setting up of the cable boxes, the ‘Setup’ button will have to be pushed first, as usual. Make sure that a red light stays on and then press the ‘Cbl’ key and enter the code. Lastly, click on the channel change buttons to check.

Philips Satellite Box Codes :

DIRECTV0863, 0864, 0564, 0963, 0259, 0260, 0664, 0065, 0265, 0465, 0362 and 0563
Dish Network0464, 0167, 0366, 0862, 0067, 0067, 0460, 0560 and 0660
Motorola0466 and 0463
Hughes Network0864, 0763, 0765, 0465, 0564, 0362, and 0659

For setting up these boxes, after the ‘Setup’ key, press the ‘Sat’ key, and then follow the normal SimpleSetup steps. 

Philips TV Codes :

1007 1059
1017 1056
1018 1053

Philips DVD codes :

2051 2157 

Philips Audio Codes :   


Philips Amplifier Codes :


Philips VCR codes :

3208 3173

Philips Receiver Tuner codes :

5000 5112


The Philip Universal Remotes have without a doubt, simplified our lives. These remotes have merged innumerable functions into one device for our convenience.

 The zapper has shaken the scaffoldings of the many remotes that earlier troubled us and frolicked around our houses like children. The Philips Universal remote codes are a sign of the advancement that has been reached and the progress that is still underway.

 Now, when partying you won’t have to keep track of the remote for the VCR, the TV, and whatnot, all you have to do is just keep a Philip Universal Remote by your side.

Who would have thought that a couple of numbers, digits, would have been just what we needed?

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