Switching to another OS and Need a PDF Reader to Get your Reading Material at One Place

Switching to another OS and Need a PDF Reader to Get your Reading Material at One Place

You will be thinking that why am I offering this PDF software with Linux Operating System, right? Well, this is because ofLinux, being a not-so-popular operating system,has a limited number of apps to work with. So, I was thinking to offer you a solution that works well with your latest OS to help you in keeping a record of your all paperless files hence, so I am here with best PDF reader for Linux, i.e., Soda PDF reader.

Why Prefer Soda PDF Reader?

You have to prefer this because it doesn’t require you to download it, in fact, it can be used without downloading it in your device. In fact, it works online; access it from any web browser that you are using on your Linux window and operate your paperless office efficiently. All you need is have an internet connection and access this tool while on-the-go.

Switching to another OS and Need a PDF Reader to Get your Reading Material at One Place

Things I Loved in PDF Editor:

With great tools, Soda PDF reader has become an extraordinary, amazing software:

  • Allows you to view PDF files;
  • Convert your PDF files to any format, such as .doc,.gif or .exe and many others;
  • Edit PDF files, either these are files, novels or your favorite dictionaries, edit the layout of every book as per your taste;
  • Review files that you have kept in it or edited by using this software.
  • With the extensive range of tools, you are even able to generate forms.
  • Keep your files secure and allow access to only authorized people.
  • OCR Scanning – a text is not more just a text, in fact, you are now able to scan it for text.
  • E-sign

Another PDF software application is those that ask you to download a huge file on every device from which you want to operate your PDF files, but this scenario is not with soda pdf editor.

Do you think it is all over? Well, Soda PDF has got a lot more for you such as;

  • Sticky notes, (keep record of the things you want to remember)
  • Highlighter (in any color you want).
  • Underline, (underline the notes you feel important).
  • Stamps/signatures (add your digital signatures in every file you make).
  • Pencil tool (Draw shapes and texts).
  • Shapes (some built-in shapes in the software).
  • Price to access this app is not as much as other PDF software.
  • It comes with a 30 days’ trial pack so after download use it for free for whole one month, then use it if you love it or else leave it.
  • Using this device is as easy as eating cereal. It has a user-friendly interface and easy to use tools.
  • You can keep your files inside the software cloud memory and can access it from anywhere just by using the internet.

If you have continuous access to the internet, at everywhere you go, then I don’t think so you can get a solution better than soda PDF reader. Its 30 days’ money back guarantees to make it must-to-try app of the season.

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