PassMoz Windows Password Recovery Review

PassMoz Windows Password Recovery Review

It was an amazing week, I just came home from a nice trip to Huawei and I was ready to start with my work life while all of a sudden, I realize my computer was not accepting my password. I was pretty sure that I was entering the correct password but it was keep getting denied. I remembered that I did change my password right before the trip but have no idea what it was.

Needless to mention, I started to have nightmares that I can’t even explain. My computer has all the data and documents from my office, I didn’t even upload them in my cloud server and there was no way to access them. I was totally heart-broken and felt helpless.

After doing a little Internet research, I came up with lots of Windows password recovery program like Ophcrack, Cain & Abel, John The Ripper etc. but all seems ineffective. I tweaked my research a bit and I came across PassMoz LabWin and that’s when my nightmare turned into a joy! Within 15 minutes, I was able to access my computer and find my files immediately. I couldn’t explain how much that moment meant to me.

That’s why I took a moment from my life to review this amazing product.

About PassMoz LabWin

PassMoz LabWin was developed couple years back and is famous for mainly creating security purpose related tools. With over a million users, PassMoz LabWin is really a king of this industry.

What’s best about this company is the staff support that are so friendly that you may just want to keep talking to them. PassMoz LabWin is mainly identified for offering the best Windows password recovery software that can bypass through any Windows administrator lock on screen without touching any data inside your computer.

In short, your password screen will be removed by this program and you won’t have to use any password to access your PC. So, all in all, it will erase the logon screen from your PC.

Overview of PassMoz LabWin

Truthfully speaking, PassMoz LabWin is the only Windows Password Recovery tool that I found effective and reliable so far. I had setup a text password for my administrator password that was totally destroyed within seconds and later I tested this tool with PIN and Picture password in Windows 7, 8 and 10 and the resultant were identical. I even tried it with my Windows server administrator accounts where it literally need root and domain user access but this tool was even successful to reset root and domain passwords as well.

On the other hand, this tool also enables you to add and remove administrator user accounts from its main panel.

How does PassMoz LabWin Works?

PassMoz LabWin works just like any other Windows desktop program. So, first you should borrow a laptop from your friends or colleagues for literally 10 minutes to create the password reset disk.

I had an old Windows laptop that I used to finish this step. All I had to do is download the PassMoz LabWin program and install it quickly just any other software. After I am finished with that, I did run the program as an administrator. The user interface is totally amazing and easy to understand.

I only had to insert a 2 GB pen drive and then, I clicked on the “Burn USB” button brightly visible on the UI of the program. Alternatively, you may also use a CD/DVD but I would rather prefer to use a USB stick since it’s more reliable.

PassMoz Windows Password Recovery Review

After the program burned the ISO image file into the USB drive, my password reset disk was ready to reset my computers password. Then, I inserted the flash drive into my computer for recovering the password and rebooted it. Upon startup, I observed PassMoz LabWin automatically showed on the main screen. I could see my administrator username, then I only clicked on my administrator username and pressed the “Reset Password” button.

I was shocked! My computer was instantly unlocked! I removed the USB drive and rebooted my computer again and I was totally blown away. My computer opened normally and I was not asked to input any password at all.

PassMoz Windows Password Recovery Review

To this day, I can assure you that this is the best and most miraculous thing I have ever seen. I have no idea how this program was able to remove the complete logon screen but somehow it managed to do so. I immediately backed up my documents and files to cloud storage for safety and I did take a breath of relief.

Definitely, I would recommend to get this software immediately if you have forgotten your computer password. Rather than wasting hours like me on researching other methods or programs, you do have all in one solution to accomplish this. I hope, this review was helpful enough to make your choice and I would definitely recommend to head over to the PassMoz LabWin official website and check all the features and benefits by yourself.

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