How “Parcelled” Android App helped me send love to my mom

Parcelled Android App

Parcelled Android App

Send anything anywhere! LITERALLY

It was my mom’s birthday last week and I had bought a smartphone for her so that we could connect with each other social media.

There were plans of me going home and giving it to her but due to some unwanted emergencies, my trip to home was cancelled. Since it was last moment plan cancel, I couldn’t order the smartphone in any e-commerce website as they take some time to deliver.

Moreover it would be a loss of money for me too.
I was really low about the whole thing when my best bud, Divya came up with an app. She snatched my phone and downloaded an app and said, “Parcelled is the solution to your problem”.

When I opened the app I was awestruck! I discovered the ‘pick up time’ feature. I was very relieved as I had to get the item picked up from my place as soon as possible. So I scheduled a time of an hour after I reached home.

But there was something that held me back. I was not sure of downloading a random app and getting my gift delivered. But then I discovered another wonderful feature (finding anything is so simple in the Parcelled App. Thanks to the simple interface). It was the ‘realtime-tracking-update’.

The delivery boy from Parcelled arrived at the specified time and took the parcel from me. Within 15minutes I could see the parcel stats being updated to ‘picked’.


A heaved a euphoric sign of contentment. After that I kept getting about every update. Luckily the parcel got delivered at my place at Delhi at noon. My mom was shocked how I could get the phone delivered with a personalized letter with my handwriting. I was too happy to explain things to her.

I really loved the whole concept of Parcelled. It picks up the parcel, provides you update of your parcel and takes very less time to deliver.

Now I suggest the app to everyone and keep boasting about its wonderful service and how happy I was to have found it.

I really loved the mobile interface of the app. It’s so simple, and yet you find everything in that small mobile screen of your’s. When you open the app, the header region says “Hi <your-name> “.

I really loved this concept of addressing customers with their names individually. At the center of the screen, there is a search bar where you can send the item you want to ship.

If you want, you may choose your item from the categories – Rakhi, Tax Return, Book, Clothes, Mobile, Photo Frame and Watch.

Download Parcelled Android App from Google Play Store

  • Download this app from here.

The Menu lets you see – Bookings, Email Them, Call Them, Rate All, Share App and Login.

There is one feature about the rates in the app that made me very happy. The rates to deliver any particular item has been keep same no matter which (listed) city you want to deliver them to! The nearest or the farthest, the rates are same. The thing that varies is days to deliver. Also you can choose your item delivery preference from.

You can check about the app at their official website too. Or download it from Play Store.

Another good news about the app is its tiny size! It’s only 4.43MB. Pretty small a size doing big wonders. So, it’s totally worth Downloading this application on your android smartphone as it will not eat too much space, neither it will consume much data while downloading.

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