Page Layout Algorithm for SEO : Avoid Too Many Ads Above Fold

Did You Showing To Many Ads in the Header of Your Website?

If Yes then it Might get you Penalize With Google New Algorithm Update Refresh Rolled Out on 6th February 2014 Named Page Layout Algorithm. This New Update Punishes Websites Having Above Fold Filled with lot of Ads and Minimum Amount of Content.

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If You have Seen Some Drop in Traffic from Search Results after 6th February then Your Site Might be under penalty of showing very little content in Above Fold. So to Fix this Read this Full Article that will teach you How to Recover from Page Layout Penalty.’

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What is Page Layout Algorithm?

It is a New Algorithm Update introduced by Google to Increase User Experience. Their are Many Popular Websites containing To Many Ads in Header Section and Above Post Body which Means Users have to Scroll Down to check Page Content. To Counter this Big Problem of Visitors Google Started Penalizing those websites using Page Layout Algorithm.

Read Matt Cutts Official Tweet About this Update Here

After Few Days of this Tweet Matt Cutts Added a Blog Post of Google Official Search Blog that this Algorithm Update will Only Affect 1% of search Results which is not a Big Amount But For Premium Blogs it could Lead to big Loose of Traffic.

Read About it More on Google Official Blog.

How to Test Your Site and Recover From Penalty ?

It Could be Easy to Check Your Site on Your Computer Screen Whether Page Content Comes Above or Below Fold. But this Could not be Enough as your Site Will be opened on Many Screen Sizes. So to Check this on Majority of Screen Sizes you can Use Google Size Browser Tool or Chrome Screen Resolution Apps. These Tools Let You Understand that How Much Site Main Content is visible to Visitors Above Fold Under different Screen Sizes.

Now , It’s Always Been Best Option to Provide Better User Experience But it’s Also a Fact that Ads Above the Fold Performs Better which are very Important for Bloggers.
So It’s Your Choice what Too choose from : Better User Experience or Better Revenue.

Meanwhile We Point Out Some Benefits of Placing Main Content of Site Above Fold:-

  1. It Makes Lot Easier for Visitors to Take Actions.
  2. Increases Conversion rate Because Visitors Don’t have to Scroll Down to Page Content.
  3. Makes Easier for Visitors to Understand the Topic on which Content is Described.

How to Recover?

You Can Easily Edit Your Theme or Template to Change Ads Position. Remember Landing Page Above Fold Section Must Contain main Content to Improve User Experience..

Removed Ads? How Much it Take to Remove Penalty?

It Could Take Few Weeks to Remove Penalty as it Depends on Many factors Including Number of Pages of Site and How Quickly Googlebot can Crawl that Pages. So If you Completely Changes Your Site Page Layout then Changes Might Reflect After Google Crawl Your Site.
Google Might Notice Changes When it Crawl Your Site But it Will Show Affects in Search Results After Few Weeks Time.

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Lastly I am happy With this Change Google Make as an Internet User Because it was So Annoying to See To Much of Ads at Top of Websites.
Right From Childhood when i was Used to Download Games from different websites having Little knowledge of Internet i always clicked on Ads which Says Download Here. Because i Could Barely Differentiate Between Original Download Link and Fake Ad. That Was Annoying for Me as a Little child i have very Little Amount of Patients.
So Coming Right to the Point, Ads Above Fold Always Creates Bad User Experience whether Visitor a Child or Adult.

Do you Like this Change About Page Layout?

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